Ex-soldier denies sex charges

A former soldier has appeared in court charged with sex offences at Deepcut Barracks in Surrey.

Direct cut and paste from the BBC News website

Those of us more in the know about this case may be giving each other significant looks, but frankly, the fact that this guy's name and photograph are plastered over the newspage is a bit disturbing. He's now been judged by a lot of people seeing that page. He should have been given the benefit of the principle that he's innocent until proven guilty.
Have to agree with Bruce there PTP. I'm all for anonimity on both sides in these cases, the trial by media just isnt fair.


...got to agree and if ever there was a case for the no names on arrse rule.... :roll:
No names of serving personnel on Arrse is the rule.

Unusually, I took the step of saying, "This is a direct cut and paste etc etc" because try as I might, I can't remember a time when the accused, in a case such as this, was named and photographed prior to the off.

Most strange. If you look up the name in the Google News search, this story didn't break yesterday, so I'm wondering why all of a sudden, this week, this story is gaining promience.

Like I don't already know.
Understood; it does seem to be happening a lot lately - the spates of pro-NewLabour policy emissions from the various usual suspects in the last year or two have been particularly obvious. I reckon the guy in charge of this sort of schuyt in the cabinet office should Resign!!!

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