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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mazur_UK, Feb 22, 2008.

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  1. As it seems the chap in mediumwhiteamericano's thread may not have been genuine, is there a guide that ARRSE can put together so that if a member of ARRSE finds a homeless person claiming to be an ex soldier we have a way to check if he is genuine?

    How about (using some that mediumwhiteamericano used) the following

    Ask for:
    Service Number,
    Dates of Service

    Reg Association
    Give details to an ARRSE member who is able to check.

    *EDIT* Chap in mediumwhiteamericano was unfortunatly a genuine ex-service man as pointed out below. However I thing this is a valid topic and hope that it will contain valuable information on getting homeless ex-service people back on their feet.
  2. ask im or her plt sjts name or the badges name when they left it is something noone ever forgets unless they have memory loss
  3. Be careful what you say, the thread was genuine. The chap was genuine and did serve.

    By putting into practise the system thats already in place no balls were dropped.
  4. Ok thanks MDN. When I posted it there seemed to be some dispute. Glad that guy was genuine though.
  5. Unlike your poppy story.
  6. Well done that man I had forgotten all about that :D

    Mazour you saucey litlle fcuker, you had us all going with your school boy tall tales!

  7. Yes and I have discussed my story with MDN. He knows the true and false parts of it. I again apologise profusely for being such a retared cnut at the time.

  8. I am sorry to be a pedant, but to say that seems "wrong on so many levels" as one says. Surely you would prefer to say that you were saddened that this guy, in such unfortunate circumstances, was an ex-soldier. Or that you wished it was some civvy scrote.

  9. Don't apologise, it was great fun to watch unfold. It kept us arrsers going for days :D

    But you were a really cheeky little fcuker!

  10. Sorry for the mis-understanding. I meant 'I am glad that he is not some pikey'

    I am however very saddened that he was driven to the streets, hense why I created this topic so that if I ever see a ex-service man or woman on the streets I can help him effectively.

    Damn you Osta, I was looking for the gangs with tourches out of the windows ;)
  11. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    Don't rely on a Regimental Association being able to verify a soldier's details. The only people they have on file are those who are their members. Not everyone who has served will be a member of their Association. Even Associations have to check things with Glasgow at times.
  12. What colour is the boat house at (insert name of unit here)?
  13. Every one noze......... it wuz GREEN

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  14. that looks small for the boat house, no bullet holes or anything
  15. Mazur, you are a schoolboy. How exactly would you help a homeless ex serviceman or woman effectively?

    There are organisations who can offer such help, they are also able to determine with certainty whether those people are ex forces or not.

    So why not leave it to them? You can't help them effectively except by putting them in touch with those organisations, and whether they really served or not isn't something you need to know.