Ex-soldier charged with racial hatred

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by N.F.I., Nov 25, 2006.

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  1. "I'm not a racist but" I came across this article today:

    Injustice against one of our finest

    Does anyone have the full/accurate story? Sorry if this has been posted before.

    Link removed - PTP
  2. Are you suggesting that BNP would publish a shortened and inaccurate story?
  3. Would be interesting to know how close to the truth this is. Really, would anybody be surprised if this account was 100 per cent accurate?
  4. A_L read NFIs previous posts :roll:

    But you are correct it would not surprise me if most of the story was true!
  5. Went looking for more on that story but found this, which frankly I think is much funnier.

    Two Tube staff cleared over Jelly Baby 'racial taunts'

    A packet of Jelly Babies The Crown Prosecution Service defended its actions today after two London Underground workers were cleared of racial harassment following allegations that they taunted a colleague over black Jelly Babies. A jury found Victor Cooney, 47, and Carlos Rozza, 44, not guilty after an eight-day trial at Middlesex Guildhall Crown Court. It was alleged that the two men teased Daniel Jean Marie, who is black, by discussing black Jelly Babies and biting the heads off the sweets. But the pair were cleared after just one hour of deliberation by the jury.

    After I saw silence of the lambs when at school I would toment jelly babies "Hannibal-stylee", biting their faces off, etc. I never knew how close to being lifted I came.......
  6. I'm sure there is more to this story if you take away the spin.

    (arrested by journos?)

    If he's "broken" by PTSD, surely he isn't holding down an MOD security job.
  7. Perhaps this article more accurately describes the incident.

    Or perhaps the local rag which says

    All in all, I would say that the BNP are not a responsible or accurate source for information
  8. Funny how there's no mention of the journo's race in the BNP version.

    I once saw a story by an ex-soldier who'd faught in WW2 who, when hailed as a hero by a member of the BNP turned to him and said "I fought in that war AGAINST nazi's like you." (or words to that effect.)
  9. Thanks for the article NP.

    The BNP have a modus operandi of fermenting trouble in an area befroe targetting it. It is suspected that this is the case in Windsor. Chief Superintendent Langston stated that " ...“This was not a riot in Windsor. It was a serious crime.” He confirmed that many of the youths were from outside the Windsor area and that police would continue to maintain a strong presence."

    Perhaps John Hayes is a member of the BNP too
  10. Of course you did. Link removed too. If the BNP want more coverage for their stories, they should work harder on their web indexing.
  11. I suppose I was, as parts of it didn't seem to add up, but I was primarily trying to find out more about a story that I couldn't find elsewhere on the internet.

    Let's not get paranoid. I am not and never have been a member of the British National Party. I accept that I'm not exactly a Liberal Democrat sympathiser myself...
  12. [​IMG]
  13. How did you get my picture? :p

  14. Is this the same place that three officers were forced out of their house by a gang of racist ethnics?