Ex Snow Queen 70s / 80s

Discussion in 'REME' started by wuckfit, Feb 3, 2007.

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  1. Can anybody remember where excatly the REME ski hut was? I know that it was in the Sonthofen area but what was the nearest village called.
  2. Wasn't it in a village called Wertach??
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  3. Guntersried sage + a click up the valley. Its still in tact now

    Oh the good old days of 30 poor sods being towed behind a tractor for two miles before trg. oh how the civvies laughed.........
  4. Recalled trekking from the skihut in Guntersrieid up to the Austrian border in knee deep snow.
  5. Old REME Ski lodge is in Gunzesried-Sage. Now part of the Army Adventure Training conglomorate.

    REME hotel is in Wertach, very nice place to stay.
  6. Those were the days.... Decanted from a warm bus onto a freezing car park in Sonthofen in the dark. Find your 3 tonner, climb on and freeze whilst it waited for everyone else to arrive, and then chug up the valley to Gunzesried, sliding all over the place because the driver was crap. Get stuck next to the gasthaus, debus and walk/slide/slip/climb up the hill towards the lights "up there somewhere".

    Those were, indeed, the days.... You had to be there!

    How the **** I survived, I will never know!

  7. Snow Queen in the 80s was great. Ski all day, drink all night and once a week try to stay awake on fire picquet.
    Having to carry a handbag if you fell off the T-bar. Getting p'd drinking gluhwein...

    The couple of days on langlauf skis set me up well for a later posting to AMF(L) :)
  8. A lot of regts had ski huts in Bavaria at the time, wertag was the REME one.
    Brilliant times epitomising the work hard and play even harder ethic.
  9. Thanks to everyone who've replied. The 'exercises' were some of the best times that I had in the army. I remember all the well dressed squaddies wearing jeans leaving blue marks wherever they fell on the slopes, or when falling off the rope when trying to get to the slopes in the morning. And to think that we used to get reimbursed money because it was an exercise. The good old days
  10. One of our civillian drivers was to join us at the ski hut in the CO's mini. After driving all day he arrived late in the night and got caught in the fog/low clouds coming up the valley. Using his better judgement ,he stopped and slept in the car only to find next morning when he woke up, that he was within yards of the ski hut.
    Good on ya Harry! :thumleft:
  11. REME Ski Chalet Gunzesried - Sage 1982 - 1987 I was the Chalet Manager during this period and we were open during the summer also.
    The tractor survived during my time there and was the subject of local news. Good times. hutboss
  12. Were you the chap who had a sideline in wooden carvings?
  13. Great times there went from brats college and when in BOAR, still skiing and now an instructor because of it. Instructor in xc though which most of the blokes hated. I also remember sking up to the Austrian border.
  14. I am so glad you all enjoyed. :D

    1 Complete Surprise Battalion RAOC did the Admin Det for Schnee Koenigen.

    Oh the joys of sending squaddies to Sonthofen from Paderborn in AEC 10 tonners - how they laughed - all the way - for 3 days - if they didn't breakdown :twisted:

    Edited to add

    PAW did you ever do the Admin Det?
  15. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I remember being sent on Snow Queen. Don't remember much about it though :oops: :D