Ex Snow Jack - Army Snowboarding Championship 2007



One from the unit in which I am currently serving.

Dont want to say "mine". In case i slagged off for inferring that the unit belongs to me.
The Regt I am serving in is sending a team. I am busily trying to squeeze euros out of the system to assist in funding the team. Although, I don't know about snowboarders though, gays on trays etc! :D
Unless you've already got the Admin Instruction's PM me and I'll give you all the people I know to approach for the grants.
Haven't seen anything about this. Would be very interested. Is it too late?

Would be eternally greateful for some info on this.


If you want greater support for this event why don't you set the conditions where it is acceptable for every Regiment’s CO and RSM to go on the piss for a week paid for by the T&S budget?
Since this is my first time at this event, do Corps put forward a team or is everyone just snowboarding for themselves and the total is added up towards Corps ?

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