Ex Slovak Express 03


know nothing about this exercise.

However, what might be of use - given your handle - is the following:

pivo - beer

piva - 2 to 4 beers

piv - 5 or more beers

Apologies if your research had already confirmed this.
I went on Slovak Express 2001 and found it a wonderful experience. Lest Camp was primitive (a bit like the old Sennybridge Camp) and in the back of beyond. The Slovak senior military were the most corrupt I've ever seen but reform was on the way. We had to use their vehicles (very primitive and unreliable) their drivers (conscripts of variable quality) and their ration packs (unbelievable!). Slovakia was rapidly pulling itself out of the post communist mire. Beautiful country but the training area is very tough ground (for infantry). Nearest useful town to Lest is Zvolen, about the size of Woking; next, and more inviting, is Banska Bystrica which is an old mediaeval town built by Germans. Beer is extremely cheap and very strong. I was the unit R&R Officer and managed to get the whole Battalion hotel accommodated in the two towns for a weekend for peanuts. Banska was most popular, sporting all the attractions from a TESCO Hypermarket to local strip joints (the girls are great). If you are interested in training issues, contact the Trg Maj of 52nd Lowland Regiment; he wasn't there but he will hold a file full of useful stuff. Be prepared to bribe and Enjoy :D

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