ex sigs ewop/spec ops wanted

Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by Nesbit216, Jul 3, 2009.

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  1. any ex sigs ewops or spec ops who want to make good money in middle east show your interest now.
  2. Doing what?!
  3. Nesbit216
    Check your PMs.
  4. I may be interested too, info?
  5. me too..pm me..
  6. Nesbit do you have your BBC? Are you who I think you are
  7. Someone who's ex SpecOps is highly unlikely to admit they were...
  8. Who are you ? i was in ffl 2e rep then para sigs then 264. if you dont want work in mid east back off, anyone who does pm me with your trade and exp
  9. Male sex trafficking. Where do I sign.
  10. Bevis - that would be Operator, not Operations
  11. But I ask again do you have your British Wings. Mr Nesbit
  12. Nesbit216, I believe you were the company clerk in the Legion, also I have just found out that you turned up to 26blah with your wings on, which you have not earned and you also lied about being in the RS freefall team. Prove me wrong or not. regards JJ ex 216 SNCO Trg Wing.
  13. Dont you just love it when some one gets caught out ??
  14. No you weren't Mick. You weren't para trained at 216 and you were never in 264 only at Hereford on a short term attachment helping out at the comms base.

    You seem to forget a lot of people know you.
  15. ohhhh, that's got to hurt.