Ex-Signals bloke sets World Record

From today's Times:

A former Royal Signals sergeant has set a world record for the deepest dive by a blind person after plunging to a depth of more than 100m (330ft) in the Red Sea off Egypt.

With the support of St Dunstan's, a charity for blind former Service personnel, 38-year-old Mark Threadgold, a father of two from Brighton who lost his sight in 1999, beat his previous personal best dive by more than 30m to record 103m at the Blue Hole near Dahab.
Perevodchik said:
So it isn't for most knives plunged into a mate's back in 3 minutes as I first suspected :)

Seriously, Well done big man!

Well, it's not like he can see is it??

I'll get me coat..


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