Ex Sgt Johan (Zak) Holowczak 22 AD Regt RA

It is with great sadness that I announce the death of Zak. He passed away this week after a mercifully short illness.

I've known Zak for the past 11 years and can safely say he was one of the most cantankerous grumpy old buggers I've ever met. I have it on good authority that was exactly how he was when he was in!!!

The first time I ever met him I wanted to deck him but after an initial 10 years or so, actually came to like the old sod.

He was very rarely wrong and was very forthright at pointing out people who were!!!

Any wagon drivers who have ever delivered to Nisa/Bibbys at Scunthorpe and didn't park 'nice and tight' will have met Zak the Shunter. His standard greeting was always 'there's drivers and there's screwdrivers'

RIP Zak, bet the Devil is fed up with you already!

HOLOWCZAK Johan (Zak) : Obituary - ThisIsAnnouncements - Scunthorpe Telegraph (Grimsby, Scunthorpe)
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