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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by kilo42, Nov 14, 2011.

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  1. Maybe I am just a picky old bugger but does anyone else dislike being referred to as a veteran, or even worse as a "vet" something I have seen on ARRSE a couple of times.
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  2. Am I right in thinking this has been an imported word from the USA or even Australia?
  3. Make you feel too old does it :p or even worse does it remind you of the yanks.

    To be fair though my mates got his veterans badge and he's the same age as me (26) so I can see where you're coming from.

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  4. Nah the age bit is not it. I'm 68 and still fit and all that good stuff, I think its just the Americanisation of anything to do with the British Armed forces. I don't have anything against the Yanks either, it seems to be our own lot that are using these terms. Even Cameron is at it with his "Clear and Present Danger" crap.
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  5. Do not look at this.
  6. Surely the new PCS is an Americanisation if anything. I don't want to start that argument, though I do rather like it.

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  7. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    I reckon it's an American import. The word has associations for me of the London to Brighton car rally.

    I prefer to think of myself as a knackered and over the hill old fart.

    (More than happy to be described as 'a veteran of .......', but not just plain old veteran. That feels wrong.)
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  8. I like being called an old ****, its better than just the twat they used to call me.
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  9. Speaking as one who wore his Vets badge yesterday as well as a Corps Assoc one I think the problem is one of public recognition. The old guard are dying out and frequently passing out whilst on show at remembrance services. Mind you the kids in the uniformed services including the honour guard numbered about 4 at my service who needed nurse. More PT less PC please.
    The trouble is that the cold war warriors of which I number have few medals apart from those who saw service in Ireland. It will soon be a case of the military being remembered by Children organisations alone locally, if the Veterans badge is not more radically recognised by the public. The BL is a bit of a closed shop increasingly only populated by the old guard and a few widows who don't even seem to acknowledge the Vets badge. I don't blame them for this they are simply doing what they always do locally but the old guard are falling away fast. God Bless them.

    This is in no way knocking the BL but even the old chap/representative who narrates the service locally looked to be on his last legs Sunday. I have no wish to join BL myself belonging to another organisation.

    I'm not advertising said organisation so don't ask.
  10. Kin ell. Better just lay back and think of Mrs Clinton then I suppose.
  11. FFS it's a Guard of Honour (or has that been 'NATOised' as well)
  12. I've always associated the term 'veteran' with the lads of the world wars who went through the thick of it, so as someone who joined up for a few years and just fucked about in germany I feel uncomfortable using it,.....so ex-serviceman does it for me.
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  13. I tend to think of veterans as being those who served in the World War and myself as an Ex-Serviceman. Ex-Serviceman because I was a professional soldier not a kid called up and having a rifle shoved in his hand. If you call yourself a veteran don't you beggar the question Veteran of What? I'm hardly a NI Vet as my tours didn't form all my service and neither did GW1 so, for the most part I just count myself as an Ex-Serviceman.
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  14. Just kids mate Naval Cadets. This was a local parade. They formed the Guard.