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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by unrepentantindependent, Dec 6, 2008.

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  1. I have a question for someone among the users of the site. Can a person who has served less than three months in the TA, and that would mean not completed basic training be considered an ex service man? We have a chap in Thornaby claiming that he should be given special treatment, a place at remembrance day services and parades because he is an ex serviceman with
    less than three months in the TA. He also parades with a BoysBrigade medal (for seven years membership) many genuine servicemen are refusing to attend because of him.
  2. I thought to be an exservice man you need a service number and a red book
  3. If it helps in the definition, SSAFA will help ex-service personnel with 1 day Regular service and 1 year TA service. Although it has to be added the ex-servicemen refusing to attend need to grow up and stop being such big girl's blouses.
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  5. Surely to be an ex serviceman you need to have 'served'. Just like the old window-shopping adage of 'if you have to ask, you can't afford it', similar is true of service; 'if you need to ask, you don't meet the criteria'.

    Note to self: must stop starting posts with 'Surely...'.
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    Are you saying that people in the Army (men and women) shouldn't ask for help if they need it?
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  9. I think he means if you have to ask have you served then you haven't. :bow:
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  12. Not completed basic? in the TA? less than 3 months? what a fookin stupid question.

    Twat him and show him a cenotaph or two, and ask him how he thinks he qualifies to one of the names on there.
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  14. Technically yes, just one days service to the crown will justerfy certain benefits, however in reality this would seem bizare ! in this case you state that this person never completed basic training, therefore he would be classed as "untrained soldier" I dont see anything wrong in him attending remembrance services if he so wishes to do so, however, the fact that he is demanding "special treatment" might suggest that we are dealing with a walt.--------complete with boys brigade gong ! (orrr, bless him ) Hope that this helps.