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hey everyone.
i have been given this web site to help me with my quest.
im looking for my dad. he was in the 'specials' in the army, i dont know exactly what the word 'special' means in tha army but i know he was trained to something. well he was very high up in the army and was very well known.
im just finding out if there are any ex servicemen out there that were in the falklands. just want to know hat ship they were on when they came bk. my dad was on the QE2. im really curious to learn about him since he died when i was only 3. i dont know his REG number or anyting else about other then his name.
i hope someone can help me.
from amy.


Hi Amy
I suggest that you contact The Falklands Veterans Foundation which is the first UK based charity for Falklands Veterans and their Families and is committed to providing a network of support for all Veterans and their Families.
This will be a very good place to start and I'm sure you will find them supportive and helpful.
All the best


War Hero
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No more shotgun approach posting please (one in each forum). This was my answer to one of the duplicate posts and may be of help. BB's ideas also v good.

Someone in his family must know his Regiment. If so phone the Regimental Headquarters of that Regiment and ask if they can help (phone directory enquiries and ask to be put through to military directory enquiries, then the military operator should be able to give you the numbers - make sure they give you the civilianised numbers). If you don't know his regiment it will be difficult, but I'd start with the Parachute Regiment and the Welsh Guards. RHQ staff are normally very helpful and love anything vaguely historic.

Specials doesn't mean anything to me, but could be a nickname for almost anything.
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