Ex Serviceman - Updating address etc

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by krissovo, Nov 6, 2008.

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  1. Hi Lads

    When I left the forces 7 years ago I was in a bit of a mess with PTSD and moved abroad. I didnt really take notice of any of my benifits on leaving (I served 14 years and finished a Corporal in the REME after 10 years in the RE) so I guess I am entitled to a half pension or something.

    Anyway where do I update my address, do I have to register and am I entitled to anything if I live in Ireland? Also what can I expect the half pension to be in value?

    Its a few years away I know but I am getting my life in order again and I would like to catch up on things.

    Thanks in advance for any input!
  2. Funnily enough I had to update my address today.
    Phone the lovely guys and gals at the Joint Personnel Administration Centre
    on :0141 224 3600
    there is also a vetrans freephone number: 0800 085 3600

    you'll be asked for you service number and rank, then some characters from your security word, if you don't know it asked to be put through to the I.T. Helpdesk and they'll reset it for you.
  3. Hey man thanks a lot!
  4. Anytime, now if you'll excuse me I've a planet to save!
  5. Hi Krissovo

    You should also have received life certificates, whatever address you gave on leaving the Services, these cert will be sent there. I realise you weren't with it when you did leave, but these forms are important, case of better off in your pocket than theirs (Govt). In laymans terms as long as your alive, by returning the certs, they know you have a pension due.