ex-serviceman to scared to go out

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by saztaffy, Jun 30, 2006.

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  1. This a copy of what was in our local rag today.
    I find this totally appaulling


    Frank Howard moved to Norfolk hoping for a peaceful retirement after 22 years in the army.

    But on Wednesday the widower had to be moved to safety after suffering a week-long terror campaign against him at his Dereham home - culminating in him being shot with an air rifle.

    The attacks on the 63-year-old ex-serviceman, who had postings in Northern Ireland, Cyprus and Greece, began on Wednesday June 21 when the front door of his flat in the Gatehouse in Norwich Road was peppered by pellets.

    The armed assaults on his home continued nightly and Mr Howard described being left terrified of stepping outside after he was shot in the arm through his open front door on Sunday evening.

    In January, 95-year-old war veteran Ralph Platten was murdered at his home in Sutton, near Stalham

    and there was anger at this latest attack on a vulnerable elderly man who had given up years of his life to serve his country.

    Mr Howard, who served in the Army Catering Corps, said: "I have been too scared to go outside since it happened and have been sat inside, too frightened to do anything or go anywhere.

    "I just hear the cracks at night but dare not go out until the next morning and find these bullets scattered around.

    "I fear for my safety, it has left me with a hell of a bruise and if that bullet had been a few inches to the left it would have hit me in the heart.

    "I never had anything like this happen to me while I was in the army but I move to Dereham and this happens.

    "I came here to settle down in this flat for the rest of my life but I don't want to live somewhere where somebody is taking shots at me. I'm desperate to get out."

    Broadland Housing Association rents the property to Mr Howard at the Gatehouse and director of housing Gary Orr said it acted quickly to move him out of the property ahead of rehousing him.

    "Broadland Housing has made an offer of temporary accommodation because we take this incident very seriously," he said.

    "We will do all we can to help him resolve this situation."

    President of the Dereham branch of the Royal British Legion Rowland Hall said: "This is going on every day, you can't open the papers without reading about some ex-serviceman being attacked.

    "It does make you angry to hear about it and however you look at this it is a very serious incident.

    "The majority of people have respect for people who have served their country. It is just this thuggish minority who are out to cause trouble."

    Norfolk police are continuing their investigations and are analysing the pellets lodged in Mr Howard's front door and doorway.

    A spokesman for Norfolk police said: "Inquiries into this are continuing and anyone who witnessed any suspicious behaviour prior to this incident should contact Dereham police on 0845 4564567."
  2. It doesn't matter who it is, no-one should be attacked and victimised in this manner. Sometimes the Police do have their head up their Arrse!
  3. Lets just hope that he has not been put in to B/B.

  4. I've just copied the article to the ACC association, maybe they can help in some way.

    Anyone have a link to the newspaper report?
  5. Some things are worse on Civvy Street than on the Front Line.
  6. FFS, none of you live close and have access to a pick helve?
  7. The ACC Association was a nice touch, hope they do something. Failing that, how about a whip round put a few claymore's out for the carrot-crunching sister-molesting chavs of Norfolk !!
  8. Yeah, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan pale in comparison to being shot at with air-gun pellets. I think I understand what you're trying to say, but that has to go down as the most bone comment of the week.
  9. feck me!..don't he know anyone with a shooter to hand?...coz i know plenty....just go feckin' 'Rambo' on them all..what's the problem?.....i don't feck with anyone, this gives me the right not to be fecked with BY anyone.... all and i have to tell ya is that no twat ever looks at me in a bad way twice....i have lived my life and i'm happy with what i've seen and done with it, i only play by the rules coz i don't want my daughter to be without a Dad or my mum to be without a son..if it wasn't for them, i wouldn't give a feck!!.....shoot these feckers!..burn 'em alive, chop their feckin heads off mate, jeez!..just go mental and then claim PTSD...It's all about attitude aint it?..feck me! a few JD's down your neck, washing up liquid or soap flakes in the petrol bomb mate, dig out a few of the stashed away smoke grenades, T bangs and PE (with the odd L1A1 det and safety fuse) ..oh, you never kept that kind of thing?...hmm, maybe i am in the minority?....sort these feckers out!!..you will go to your grave with a smile on your boat....or is it just me that is feckin mad? ...
  10. I used ot live in Norfolk, I can confirm - it is a grade-A shithole. I think it's beyond help to be honest.

    Take off and nuke it from orbit - it's the only way to be sure.
    Yes... and back in the real world... :roll:
  11. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    Old Trenchfoot doesn't seem to like your plan JJ. I, however, think it's a stormer! I like the cut of your jib sir. :lol:
  12. Thing is, if you so much as look at these scrotes in the wrong way, you'd most likely go to jail. blowing them to smitherines with PE4 or slotting them with SLR/SA80/insert tool of choice here simply would not bode well.

    No matter what you claim, ex soldier + equipment + dead scrotes = babykiller. They'll throw the book at you, because you're a soldier (ex or serving).
  13. The t*$ts that are doing this to this gentleman for what ever reasons have not been taught respect for their elders, and that if you have nothing constructive to say you say you say nowt.
    Many people in Norfolk don't give a shite about anybody else but themselves so why should they care about a man who has given his life to his country, He will be classed as an outsider the same as I do after 20 yrs of living in Norfolk.
    Hopefully he will get rehoused in a small village outside of Norwich so he can live in peace and noone to bother him.

  14. I belived my life was in threat the attackers had a clearly identified rifle bang bang bang etc
    darwin award turn up to a gunfight with an air rifle die
    pity tht can't happen a few times
  15. The police need to make every effort to catch them, and the courts should lock them up, but Trenchcoat I live in Norfolk and it is a great place to live. All areas have good and bad.