Ex serviceman needs help

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by cameron25180267, Feb 18, 2008.

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  1. Ok lets start fom the begining,

    I joined in 2003 as Radio system operator in the Royal signals.

    Won award in basic for best PT,
    Won top student award on my RSBR course,
    Posted to 216 signal sqn for my first tour,
    Won award for corp saam and best shot in squadron and 2nd best junior in corp class B.
    So all in all without blowing my own trumpet a good solider.

    Whilst at 216 my daughter was born very ill, I was attached to my local careers center for the final 10 months of my service due to come out on compassionate grounds for one year to help care for my child.
    Went back to my unit to get discharged and got CDT when I arrived, Cannibis was found in my system and I was asked did I wish to go to rehab or continue with my discharge. Of course I chose discharge as it was imminet anyway. My daughter is great now and I have tried to re-enlist but have been told no due to the fact I was SNLR.

    I am fully aware of the Army's policy and zero tollorence on drug's, however I was left at home for ten month's the place I so longed to get away from because of this reason. Whilst at the recruitment center I was commended for my outstanding behaviour and enthusiasum, this was reflected in my CR. Now what I did was wrong but given the fact I was at home so long out of my comfort zone and drunk surley count's for somthing.

    I took a drug once and would never do it again, please advise on what I can do to appeal ? I'm currently working as a project manager on 25K per year with company car and would still pack it in tomorrow to return to the army as a private.

    There is nothing I want to do more than solider for my country, if this will never be then it's looking like the forien legion :).

    Thanks and kind regards,


    Please HELP !
  2. If you have been given the spanish archer, as far as I am aware there is no appeal. You took drugs, got caught, end of. However you want to justify it to yourself is irrelevant
  3. I am gladdened to hear about your daughter and I can symapathise with the predicament that you were in.

    Good luck in the Foreign Legion.
  4. You knew Army policy is to discharge drug takers as SNLR.

    You took drugs and were caught.

    And you are suprised by this - why?

    Don't give me any of that pressures of home crap either, I see dozens of good young men and women, every day, under different kinds of pressure and they don't need drugs. You blew it.

    Best of luck in the Foreign Legion.
  5. Full Stop
  6. Ok yes I took a drug, what about all the solider's that do and do not get discharged ? I did not go down the rehab route because I was getting out that week anyway for a year. Lets face it cannabis is class C the same as so many lad's I seen get caught for steriods, not class A or B. I made a mistake in a stupid state of mind and FYI im not trying to justify why I was thrown out just trying to make people aware of the extreme circumstances. If I chose the rehab then I could of stayed but at the time I could not.

  7. I think you've answered your own question pal.
  8. They chose rehab, and soldiered on. You did not, and were throw out.

    You made your choice, live with it.
  9. Which soldiers - specifically?

    There are no soldiers that take drugs and do not get caught and if there are then it is the fault of those who are aware of such actions and fail to do anything about it.
  10. Your daughter will really benefit from your quitting your £25 k job to disappear for five years into the foreign legion won't she?!!
    You cannot change the mistakes made in the past (we all make them so live with it) but we can make improved choices about the future.
    Be a great father. Your daughter deserves your service and presence far more than this government deserves it. And there is no excuse for your drug taking. Take responsibility for your actions. You did the wrong thing, an illegal thing and it was no ones fault or mistake other than your own.
    Learn from it and move on.
    I wish you the best for the future.
  11. Sammy,

    The Army relaxed the rules on CDT in 2006. Now, for a first offence for a private soldier, they can chose rehab, or discharge.

    Outraged Telegraph Article
  12. If you were found to test positive when tested on CDT, and then opt for discharge, I would say it is to be expected that you would recieve SNLR treatment. Best off just facing up to it, and accept that you made the wrong choice at the time- regardless of circumstances.
  13. Hi Subbie,

    Yep I know that.

    His statement made out that there are soldiers that get caught for taking drugs and do not get discharged - which does not make any sense given that he was offered rehab or discharge and chose the latter (why would he berate a group of people that he now wants to be part of - i.e. a reformed/rehabilitated drug user, casual or otherwise).

    Therefore by his implication there are soldiers that take drugs and do not get discharged because of some reason other than that to which he has already alluded... and this can only be that they are not reported.
  14. LOL yes they solider on I chose out, if you read post you will see my daughter was ill and I was getting out anyway that week infact.
    Yes I am aware of policy on drugs and understand the term zero tollerance. That said not many soliders go to there home town to serve for 10 months looking after a sick child with no clear direction of service, I was left to my own devices and yes im a big boy and know that drugs are wrong and would never take them when of sound mind. Clearly in these circumstances I was not, My girl's now great and Im lost without the army as I was when sent to the recruitment posting. Surely I can talk to somone?
  15. Ah, gotcha. My apologies for stating the obvious.