ex-serviceman from the Israeli army wants some advice

Ive served in an infantry unit in the Israeli army as a 1st leftenant. Lots of combat experience and knowledge. Ive finished the army a while ago and have always been a fan of the British army. I want to show my solidarity by possibly volunteering or joining. I have British citizenship.

Whats the procedure? would I even be allowed to join?
and if so..
would I have to renounce my loyalty to Israeli reserves that Im currently serving in?
I'm going to assume that despite spelling "First Lieutenant" as "1st Leftenant" you are not a wah... (Don't you need Israeli citizenship to be an Israeli soldier?)

Whilst you're in the reserves for the IDF you won't be allowed into the British Army. Head down to your local AFCO for advice, if you're in country. I think there might be a requirement to have lived in the UK for a certain length of time prior to service (5 years?), but no doubt someone else more up to date than I can confirm that.
Minimum of 5 years in the country so if yes, get down to your AFCO you will be advised of what to do about your reserve position.
Erm, guys, he has British citizenship already. There is no requirement for residence if you already have British citizenship.
It isn't the British you need to worry about. If you only did your National Service stint in the IDF then you will have to get them to agree that you are no longer liable for call up, I'm guessing that won't be easy.
But if you want to remain an officer you will have to do Sandhurst. (Or am I wrong?)
Possibly you could convince the Israelis that you are gaining experience that will be valid for them when you leave the British Army. Plus the fact that you could well be giving some of their opponents a skelping will be a help.
If you are domiciled abroad can you not receive a deferment of your reserve commitment? As said the IDF are your biggest potential problem and it is them you must convince.
Doesn't it depend which Corps you go into? I remember reading on the old army website units like Int Corps require 10 years of residence, but Infantry doesn't have a requirement. You'll most likely have to be able to live in the UK during the application process (6+ months?).

What were the circumstances you joined the Israeli army? I'm certain (especially from the SIS website) that the government now has a policy if your parents worked overseas (as did mine) you can waiver the residency requirement. Don't know if this applies to the army, though.

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