Ex-Service Charity - Veterans' Aid. Give Them Money!


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(I hate the term 'veteran')

There are a number of thoroughly deserving charities serving the ex-Service community and I know that some attract proportionately more public support than others. Some have had questions asked about their way of doing things, others. having been around for a long time, are sometimes seen as a job creation scheme for retired senior officers. This post isn't about giving any of the established charities a hard time, it's all welcome if it actually does some good.

One charity in particular, though, I'd bring to your attention - Veterans' Aid. They've been around for years, since starting up as the Embankment Fellowship Centre after the First World War. They do a first-rate job, concentrating on helping out and sorting out ex-Service people who find themselves in dire straits, either through homelessness, unfortunate lifestyle choices or just simple, pesky, bad luck. They offer pragmatic, sensible, non-judgemental support to all who need it and are Jolly Good Eggs. Add to this, they have a minimal management structure, low overheads and the bulk of the cash they generate goes into the ex-Service community.

I'll declare a personal interest here - I know the CEO quite well and, to my embarrassment, him being an ex blue job and all, he's a top bloke and entirely focused on doing what's right. At this time of year, if you're planning to put your hand in your pocket and drop a few quid on a charity, consider doing it for Veterans' Aid.

My daughter did small fundraising for them when she was at school before they enlarged and modernised the buildings. As did we through a hobby group.

This is practical support from arrival to independence, and they will retrieve vulnerable cases from across Europe if need be. Veterans come in all ages and levels of need: it can be a small placement for re-education and travel expenses fix to an mental health crisis emergency retrieval, support for those who have served given by those who have served. Have a look.

Well worth supporting.
I totally agree. I haven't personally called on their services (yet), but I've had friendly communications in my previous BAFF Chairman capacity with the Veterans' Aid CEO and he is clearly a very committed, focused and knowledgeable guy. Recommended.

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