ex service and asked to be a witness

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by warpig, May 20, 2010.

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  1. Hi, been out the army approx 7 years and did a tour inbetween. RMPs now want me to make a statement as my attached unit have had a complaint against them.

    Am I obliged to give a statement, don't particularly want to ask the RMPs as pretty sure they will try to blag me. Links would be appreciated.

    PS I no longer have any reserve liability and have tried the usual channels but nobody seems to know......
  2. As far as I'm aware the RMP have to act under PACE the same as the civvy cops. If you're worried take a solicitor along.
    As to whether you're obliged to give a statement, are you prepared to stand back and see mates dropped in it for the want of someone to stand up on their behalf?
  3. What can they do if you say no? If you dont want to do it, wait until something official turns up and that should explain legal requirements etc...
  4. Try and blag you?

    No one is obliged to give a statement, but you may be compelled to attend court and give evidence, should it be a serious allegation.

    What ever happened to civic duty?
  5. " Sir, I have no recollection of said incident"
  6. Hi Gents

    Thanks for the responses. Yes, it is a serious matter (as this supposedly happened on tour I think you can guess what I am refering to) and I honestly did not see anything remotely dodgy.

    This is the 2nd time I have been asked to give a statement (both unrelated to each other) whilst as a civvie, so getting a bit peeved. I do not expect my employer will want to release me from work to attend numerous events concerning what will be a lengthly process.

    Anyway, my N.O.K. has told me there is a recorded letter at the post office waiting for me, so I'll go down and pick it up tomorrow (damn the 24hrs turnaround!) and see if they reference any acts etc.
  7. What did you do?
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Does the courts witness section still exist? Lots of ex servicemen were dealt with by them!
  9. Sweet FA (I know, on here it's mostly a 'friend' right :oops: ).
  10. So next time someone on here bitches about someone undeserving getting a million in compensation we can thank you? Right?
  11. Bloody rugby tours got a lot to answer for. Remember - what goes on tour etc .....!!
  12. That old chestnut ;)

    Can you not write something along the lines of "I've no idea what you're talking about, stop waisting both my time, and yours please"?
  13. I came across pretty much the same sort of situation last year. SIB were accompanied by MDP CID in that particular instance who unlike RMP have the powers of a constable in a Home Office Police Service. The guy concerned was arrested and interviewed under PACE by the MDP for an incident whilst he was serving. He was later prosecuted by the CPS at Magistrates Court and convicted for perverting the course of justice.
  14. oldbaldy

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    Don't collect the letter, eventually it will be returned to them & you have no knowledge of the contents.
  15. If you "did not see anything remotely dodgy", the prosecution are unlikely to call you as a witness in any eventual proceedings. If for some reason your evidence is helpful to the defence, do you really want to deprive former comrades of your potential testimony, because it might be a little inconvenient to take expenses-paid time off work?

    It is not unusual to be asked to co-operate with investigators, or to give evidence, even if one is no longer working for the same employer. You would expect an ex police officer, for example, to be prepared to give evidence about something which happened while they were on the force.

    I've had requests to cooperate with investigators after tours which I had been on and it frankly did not occur to me to refuse.

    RMP/MDP should be prepared to interview you at a time and place to suit you. If you incur any expenses, ask them in advance for agreement to reimburse.

    You're welcome to contact me by PM if that would be helpful.