Ex SEAL Sniperand Author of "American Sniper" Apparently Murdered by PTSD Sufferer

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Feb 3, 2013.

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  1. Just saw that on my newsfeed, Tragic news,
  2. Should have had his scissors.
  3. Just saw him on a 'Sons of Guns' episode the other day. He had lived a full life but it should not have ended so soon.
  4. According to news reports, the shooter was a marine PTSD sufferer and shot Kyle and another from behind. Tragedy all around.
  5. I met Chris Kyle over a couple of days last year, absolute top bloke. Not the usual big author ego, came across as a considerate, humble bloke who had just done his bit and was now moving on. Unlike some who take the big bucks from their SF memoirs Chris was donating all the money from his writing to military charities close to his heart.

    I can honestly say that he will be missed by those who knew him.

    Stay wet and sandy and report for the big muster bloke.
  6. I too was acquainted personally with him as he was the "personality" guest at a sni, erm....I mean, precision rifleman course I attended and he (as contrasted to many others just the opposite in the SF community) was truly a "silent professional." (the motto of USSOCOM)
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  7. Indeed a tragic loss of an extraordinary warrior who was doing his bit to help other former servicemen.
    To be shot in the back by a former Marine is especially sad. I only hope the anti-gun lobby don't use this incident to target former vets with PTSD and potential PTSD in this latest political fight on gun ownership.
  8. So that would have been down to his guns and his training making him safe.....!
  9. Quite correct, unlawful killing is by definition a criminal act, but this was an armed and trained citizen, prime NRA material, surely that made him safe!
  10. Your posts are usually of a higher standard than this stretch to try to make your point.

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  11. Maybe not vets yet but they're using it to say "if he couldn't protect himself, then what chance civilians?" with no consideration as to circumstances.
    What I'm hearing is Kyle & his mate were shot whilst setting targets & they're unlikely to have been expecting any kind of threat from the guy.
  12. If he'd been asleep in bed & his wife shot him in the head would that prove the same?:scratch:

    Go find some reality to grasp. :roll: