Ex Sea Trout

I am going next week on the above exercise, anyone been before and can give me a heads up?
(I am OTC going on attachment with a TA regt)

You must be going with the gunners then.
Take plenty of money, there are planty of bars. The bowling alley is good but a little small, there is a cinema at MPA.
The gym and swimming pool are fantastic, one of the best I have seen on a camp.
Take plenty of thermal undies it gets a little wet and windy.
Be prepared to hump ammo boxes, we just love to see young officer wannabes sweating their cobs off LOL. (good sport me thinks).
Oh and the CO loves to party! and he usualy allows OTC to bathe in his glory.
It will be a good two weeks be all accounds, you will enjoy it.

And when you get back you can be one of those nobbers in the bar saying "when we were in the Falklands"

See you there, :D
Been twice!!
Seams to take forever to get there as you have to get to the AMC and get processed then round to the airfield and more processing, take off about 2300, get to Ascention breakfast(ish), hang around outside in the sun for about an hour then another 7+ hrs to MPA.

By the time you've got your kit and found your accom thats another day gone!

MPA has EVEYTHING you'll need somewhere in the region of 30 + bars if you include all the obscure little unit ones, but includes 2 NAAFi bars and a bowling alley.

Gym and swimming pool, central corridor about a K long, swimming pool is brills
Food is pretty damn good or it was, poss because its all tri-service.

Out and about you usually get wind burnt, you just cant help it as theres a permanant breeze, only one tree on west falklands and a lot of frustrated doggies!!! :D It'll rain, get used to the idea but you'll also get blow dried just as quickly! :lol:

If your UOTC and its gunners your going with they'll probably have you working with the different bty bits ie guns, cp OP's etc.

make sure you've got a proper Inf bergen not a combat hand bag, if you're off with the OP's you'll most likely get heli'd in each day but you need to have enough kit with you for three days incase the heli can't come back for you or the weather goes really pooh, which it can at the drop of a hat. So thats 3 days of radio batts, air bottles, food etc. by the way the radios were HF sets coz of the distance you'll be from the CP and guns.

last time I went we had OTIS and MSTAR with us which was fun humping that lot up hills!!! try not to get the radar dish :x

Expect to be around on some heavy duty charges and Light Gun at near max range which makes for a fairly loud pop at the gun end and a bloody long wait from shot over to splash at the interesting end.

You should get a good amount of beer down your grid in Port Stanley, theres not that many bars like about 4, the globe is probably the largest pub and thats not exactly huge, that said its the hub of saturday night activities so beware the rampaging native women wanting to add to the gene pool.

Don't worry about treading on any mines, theres still shed loads of 'em but you'll possible be in more danger of getting something nasty from a native!!

take loads of beer tokens, the world supply of DVD's and all your warm kit.
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