Ex-SAS selling smock on ebay.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fallschirmjager, Feb 9, 2007.

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  1. Whilst searching for a new windproof smock on ebay, i came across this little beauty in the link below. After emailing the seller to inform him that it is an issue NBC jacket, he informed me that he is ex-SAS and it is only issued to special forces!

    Well in that case i want it so have started the bidding! Which ARRSE member can outbid me? Shall we see if we can put the price into the thousands? It's not as if you'll have to pay for it once you tell him (and ebay) at the end of the auction that the item is wrongly listed as an SAS smock and therefore is invalid!

    SAS smock
  2. What an absolute WALT!! Perhaps I should tell him I have 20 of the "Special Forces" smocks in my stores & come to a good price deal?
  3. it has a bid now, come on then who is mcnab3970?
  4. i sold my dessie combats after op grandy in 91, after rubbing some "blood" and soil and stuff into it, sold it to some geek for 40 quid. dick haha
  5. Fook me, The biddings started thick & Fast
  6. And he's got a neck to have a reserve price on it!!! :frustrated:
  7. Asked the fella a question.
    And Mr Fallschirmjager, if you want one, theres one in my garage that you can have for fcuk all if you are near the Shot. It's a bit battered, but it's yours if you want it....
  8. Have you seen who the first bidder was?

  9. Great gift! There you go son, what you always wanted an NBC jacket!!
  10. he, he I'm the highest bidder, na na nanah na.
  11. Thanks for the offer guru but i've bought one now. I needed a 96/112 size and there's not many about.
  12. Would I be spoiling the fun if someone, ahem, were to report it as an intentionally misleading or deceptively titled item? :plotting:
  13. alright, who out bid me, I put in £100.
  14. £101. Impressive. I bet the seller has plans for the dosh already. I just hope he hasn't spent it yet. (Not that I have bid for said item, Perish the thought).
  15. Cant get on to e bay due to the fascist IGS blocking. Bastages!!!! Or I would happily join in the fun. :thumleft: