Ex SAS (R) book.

Afternoon all.

I will post updates on this thread. I’m ex Welsh Guards and 21 SAS (R). I’ve written a short autobiographical book that will be available on Amazon next month. It will be available to download only but if all goes well paper copies will follow. I am self publishing.

The story will follow my experience as a regular Guardsman from ITC to trooping the colour. I will also detail my journey into 21 SAS’s E Sqn with an overview of the selection preparation and tales from selection ( 02:16). Obviously I’ve sought permission and I’ll stay within the bounds of DSF confidentiality contract. However I will cover life in the squadron as a badged trooper. I’ll update this thread.
If anyone wants more information on the book just PM me.

Title : No limits - from the Guards to the SAS, K Rogerson
Is this happening?

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