Ex-SAS in Elderly Care Home

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by atlilly, Apr 23, 2012.

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  1. Last Friday whilst on a RBL Caseworker visit to a Care home in Warrington, was privilaged to meet an original Malayan Scout (who then became 22 SAS). He's now 78 years old, no family, no friends, and alone and bed-bound in the care home after suffering a stroke in Nov last year. Very proud of his two medals for service in Korea with the Kings Royal Regt and Malaya with the SAS. He told me about the parachuting into the jungle tree tops, then abseiling down 100' to the ground. Crazy, mad and very dangerous. 3 months in the jungle at a time on patrol searching and killing the CT (Communist Terrorists). Re-supplied by parachute drops. He had a shed load of photos which he said would be cremated with him when he pops his clogs. Will write to the SAS Association as these photos are priceless! Sad ending. Cracked up and RTU'd to the Kings. Eventually kicked out. Suffers nightmares, depression, and flashbacks...not surprising when you here what he went through in the jungle (won't repeat on her as too unpleasant!) .Very dignified, very humerous, very isloated. Another forgotten Veteran with no help with his condition when he left in the 60's...will be visiting again soon.
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  2. The KINGS Regt used to have a barracks in Warrington, think they amalgamated with Duke of Lancasters Regt, surely they could send somebody round to visit the veteran each week, or contact the Kings Regt association in Manchester at Ardwick green Barracks used to be "C" Company 5/8Kings, they might help, if I still lived in the UK I'd visit nothing worse than being alone, I'll get onto my son he's serving in Aldershot he sometimes gets up to Manchester I'll see if he can call in sometime
  3. We buried Fred last week, 72 years old, speak to the association, I know they would like to help out. Give the RBL a call as well, The SAS Assoc is below, for obvious reasons can you just the address as is below. Nice to see a good post on here, it was also very kind of you to help out as well as Manxcunian above.

    The Occupier
    PO Box 35051
    NW1 4WF