Ex`Sapper tradesmen-employment in France!

A very good friend of mine advises a Brit with a large property portfolio in SW France.Part of the portfolio is to be deveoped into a holiday complex.

He's looking to employ several ex Sappers with trades skills,as well as using them to set up a domestic security operation on site.It's not necessary to speak French,but the ability to learn some would help,in dealing with local tradesmen!

Posts could also be on an accompanied basis.

Please PM me,and I'll put you directly in touch.
Good plan, pose as a wandering set of tradesmen and attack the cheese eating surrender monkeys from within.
Blacksmith said:
I agree WFG the problem should be solved from the inside out. Infiltrate and then dominate.
the corps should try that BUT with MORALE. :cry: 8O :cry: 8O
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