Ex Sapper on the Weakest Link (Wed 27 Aug 08)

MODs, can we name and shame the ex sapper on The Weakest Link last night? Especially as he got through to the final round only to cock it up with wrong answer to the sapper type question
Rolling Stone Bill Wyman has endorsed which type of electrical device that is used to located buried treasure etc
He gave the answer mine detector instead of metal detector! Come on G***e, what were you thinking of :twisted: PS I hope you on this site so you can see what a tw*t you made of yourself :twisted: :twisted:
I also saw another ex sapper (a mate of mine in JLRRE) on The Weakest Link and he got voted off after the first round after getting this question wrong "What military activity is also the name of a month of the year" His answer was April to which Anne Robinson replied "No - March !" When interviewed he said he couln't beleive he got the answer wrong as he used to be an instructor at 3 Trg Regt RE :x Martin H - if you are on here, I haven't forgotten it :twisted:
Or there was the other one, a mucker from Dog Sqn, late of 9 Sqn who got kicked on the first round. After telling Anne he was a 'Parachute Engineer' and getting his one and only question wrong which was 'What Animal Symbol is used by the Fashion Firm LaCoste?'.
Joe, the goldfish impression you performed when Anne said she wouldnt trust you to fix parachutes was fantastic!

However he did pull a blinder in Bosnia during the first Dog Sqn Tour by writing a couple of letters to the makers of Kit Kat for some free samples. After getting fecked off the first time, he sent a picture of himself with a kittens head in his mouth with the caption 'Send us some Kit Kats or the Kitty Kat gets it!'.
Good drills, boxes of the things were sent! :wink:
Mind you the sending pictures of himself doing lunges in the bollocky buuf to the girls in the office as a part of the thank you letter for the Kit Kats was not his best move either :hump:
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