Ex Sapper Killed in Baghdad

Jason Swindlehurst confirmed as one of the bodies of the British Bodyguards returned to UK authorities.

Served with the man in Nienburg.

RIP mate.
R.I.P Jase

My thoughts go out to his family at this hard time
My feelings go out to his family, Jason was a great man.

I served with him in 4 Sqn, Nienburg and agin in 28 Engr Regt, where I shared a room with him for 3 months (and his bloody dog Scooby!) in Bosnia.

I do recall in Hameln the army were doing a PR campaign "Solider of the Future' (or something like that) and Jason was that guy.

You'll be sadly missed, RIP mate.
Was in Nienburg with Jason as well. REst in peace, real heartfelt condolences to his Family. Ubique.
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