Ex sailor sex change getting free tatoo removal on NHS

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by crabby, Apr 19, 2006.

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  1. BBC

  2. One of the reasons the NHS has become a money bleeding dinosaur

    I'm sure Miss Bainbridge feels much happier as a woman and even better minus tattoos but why thr f*** should we foot the £20 odd grand bill?

    I dont for a moment imagine she makes a convincing woman with or without tattoos.

    Waste of OUR money
  3. Not to mention the bloody dole money it and its boyfriend get from the sgtate for sitting on their arses
    And if he's unemployed I guess we are paying for the upbringing of his children, shame he did'nt have his tackle removed 40 years ago, would have saved us a bloody fortune.

    Nice balanced liberal view for you there I think......
  4. By the time that he/she/it has finished all the treatment the bill will be in excess of £22500 of the WORKING class money gone to waste. I don't feel sorry that he/she/it is depressed. Get a job and make a donation to the cash strapped NHS and get of your fat non-liposuctioned arrse and work!

    I'm sure that the state will pay for the rest of the beauty treatment for he/she/it :twisted: :twisted:


    P.S. can I have a little bit of botox.........I'm feeling depressed :cry:
  5. Should have fcuking thought about that before she got the tattoos shouldn't he/she/it!

  6. I think these two quotes say it all really, no need for me to rant.

    'Miss Bainbridge lives with her boyfriend, Mark, in Middleton, Greater Manchester. They are both unemployed. '

    'Miss Bainbridge, who had nine children - from whom she is estranged - by three different women, had a £20,000 sex-change operation on the NHS in 2001 at Charing Cross Hospital in London.
  7. Dirty cow/bull. Get a job and be happy with what you are. If you're depressed see a cousellor and if that doesn't work after 6 weeks then go slash you wrists you scrounger.

    Parasite on society


    edited to add that my opinions and language may have been influenced by alcohol. Anyone who has a problem with that can pm me and have a grovelling apology in the morning
  8. It's making me depressed as well. People waiting years for operations and the NHS chucks it away on this.
    Two bricks and a shovel would have sorted the op and a handy angle grinder sorts out the tattoo.
    Sorted, saved the NHS all that money.
  9. botox would do the job . botulisim toxin job done
  10. Agree with Mistersoft. Would like to see that Chutney Ferret walk into a kids Oncology Ward and announce they wanted NHS cash. Can we get an MRSA injection for "undesireables". I would give it and watch them die in pain and waste away as I cared for decent folk needing care and the medics Grrrrrrrr
  11. 'Her partner Mark, 48, said: "Some women have tattoos on discreet parts of their body - they don't all have pictures of sailing ships and a swallow on their forearms."'

    Ha ha ha ha! He's obviously not been round my way then...

  12. what's really happening with this person is that he is a pseudo-transsexual driven - obvious by the 9 children - by peaks of testosterone causing periodic feelings of being a woman.
    If secretly filmed it is likely that he would look just like a bloke in a frock with none of the natural female bodylanguage of the genuine transsexual.

    As for the tattoo removal there are lots of real women walking about with big tattoos and in afew years when all the tribal tattoos have run and faded will they all be asking for them to be romoved?
    They woudl have a legal right to have unsightly old tatoos removesd as to refuse it woudl be discrimination under the 1975 Sex Discrimination Act.

    Incidentally how much does the NHS spend on Viagra for couch potatoes who can't get it up for lack of exercise?
    How much does the NHS spend on treating AIDS among faggots?
    How much does the NHS spend on treating lesbians for hysteria when their love affairs go wrong?
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  13. And five years later......
  14. So you joined this website and dug up a five-year-old thread just to post that rant then?

    Edit: dammit, too slow.
  15. Saves you worrying about investing in a few rums if you're certain she goes down like "The Royal Oak and swallows....."