Ex Saif Sareea 2

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by leeanne, Feb 8, 2002.

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  1. ::)Does anybody have any complaints or exciting stories reference the old "Omany" excercise apart from Miss Geri Halliwell and Steps visiting - Oh yes, and those magnificent Camel spiders - hahahah!!!! I mean honestly - What did you really think???? 8)
  2. I take it nobody went out there then!!!!!
  3. Are you mad they have big spiders, not to mention the fact that some over-rated singer bird named Geri would be doing a turn for the boys.

    And by all acounts she dident like the beer....... :-[
  4. Personally, I think she's f*****g stinking anyway!!!! :-*
  5. I didn't get out there, but most of my mates did.  
    Probably a good thing seeing as though there was sand in the block for about a month afterwards!
  6. The highlight of the CSE show in southern Oman was seeing Irish Guardsmen throwing bottle after bottle of piss onto the stage when the acts were on. It certainly made up for the lack of entertainment courtesy of Bobby Davro and the others.
  7. Incidently, the following conversation happened between Bobby Davro and one of the tour managers according to a friend who was backstage at the time:

    Tour Manager: "Bobby you were fantastic although I must say some of your material was a bit crude".

    Davro (in normal accent, which is apparently very lispy and limp wristed if you know what I mean): Well it has to be, that's all those type of people understand".

    Pretentious P***k.
  8. He probably was being honest and speaking the truth. What sort of humour could he have delivered without getting thrown of the stage? Do you really wonder why people form such opinions when you have low life scum throwing bottles of urine onto the stage?
  9. The only thing I found interesting was that you could make a brew from the water at midday without boiling a kettle.  Plus the chefs stocked the ISO Containers with water to keep it cold but forgot about the bloody ice cream.

  10. Found out that you can chill cans of Coke/beer by putting them in a wet (and sadly stinking!) sock and hanging it up in the shade where the wind can get at it. They really got quite cold.