Ex RUC seeking work with PMC / Security contractor

Ex RUC (FKL 753) mid 80's. Enjoyed working with various Army units there between 84 -86. Moved on to Met Police Diplomatic Protection and then on to Australia in the 90's. Found this website and thought I might catch up with some old aquaintance's.

Now seeking work with PMC or similar in in Iraq or Afg. CP or even convoy escort. Have checked out a few websites but want to hear any suggestions before submitting applications. I'm concerned I've been out of the game for the past ten years might be seen as a preclusion. Any comments suggestions?

try networking old colleagues, Crg is full of your lot and they all creak when they walk so no drama with the age thing LOL
Thanks for the reply

Will check out CRG. I've heard and read various $$$$ per day figures. Anyone have any recent accurate figures?



Rate per day depends on which company and what contract you are on also on what role you fulfil, a TL will earn more than a basic operator. Secuifarce I think are the lowest paying about $240 a day not including leave, Pilgrims are one of the highest paying about $800 a day not including leave. Quality of life is also a big factor, how much time you spend on the ground, what g1-g5 support you get (if any) and if you have DEFAC access, what type of accommodation you life in what insurance you are covered by. All contracts have their good and bad points, you just need to decide what you are happy to work for and with.
No mate, was speaking to my mate (EX RMP CP), in November, he works for (Aegis*), Iraq, *(I think that's how you spell it).

It (The pay), has gone down a lot in recent times. And tour times have doubled too.

Everytime someones contract is up, someone else undercuts them. End result, ever decreasing financial circles.

He has been doing it for about 4 years now and is looking to retire from the trade.

Be careful who you work for too, your drills may be up to scratch, but some of your team members might be questionable. (I know of two blokes who were in their late fourties/early fifties ended up on a team). They were formerly FTRS and in reality they should been drawing their pensions.

I think the top players in General (Subject to who you listen to of course), are AG and Aegis.

Convoy escort I believe is considered the most haphazard job, if you get my drift, but is not as well paid.

(Added to highlight that I am by no means an expert in this field).


nottyash: Aegis tour time doubled?
AG have just lost their big convoy contact to Olive. Agreed that convoy work is the most dangerous, however it is also a foot in the door and may lead to further opportunities.
Yes OpsO he used to do 6 on 3 off, it's now doubled so I have been told??

12 on 3 off.

Unless of course you know different?


So not only is he working 100% more time he has also taken a pay cut? Maybe time to change company?
The comment about ever decreasing circles is a fair one though. But if you have the right experience/background there is still good money to be made.
Second that about CRG-there seems to be a RUC/PSNI mafia now. Pay is dire as ever from what I hear. Plus you can get treated like a complete muppet. Your choice!
Pilgrims DO pay well, but to be out on the ground you must be ex-SF. I know a cracking ex bootie who was manning the ops net cos he was never SF.
Convoy work is bad as ever and the Olive convoys have a very heavy manpower turnover. Seems that the lads aren't too happy with the kit & non-caring head shed. :?
Aegis have a lot of vacancies in the PSD/SET teams, and Sabre are recruiting heavily. Very poor admin in Sabre from what am told, but some good lads on board.

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