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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by JC110, Jul 12, 2010.

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  1. Hi all,

    Having read through previous posts I was hoping for some advice please. I have my AOSB Briefing coming up shortly. I did 6 weeks Royal Marines training as a regular recruit or MNE2 just over a year ago, I left after realising I wanted to be an officer. I am Graduate with a 2:2 in International Politics from Aberystwyth. I have good maths and usually score well on Psychometric testing. Reason I went for the Marines initially was it was a childhood ambition inspired by a family member, reason I didn’t get in as an officer was a I scored low (not failed) on my maths and was warned by the AFCO I might not get in as an officer, being foolish and desperate to get in, and being persuaded by my AFCO, I decided not to wait and went for it as a regular recruit. A regret and perhaps a mistake that I have to live with. I can take a lot of positives from my time at Lympstone and hope that this comes across during the application process. How do you think this will affect my application?
  2. You will probably ace the fitness tests, and since you have a degree you should certainly try to go the officer route, I think your time with the Marines will count as nothing but a bonus, since you have experienced the military from both sides now. Go for it, you pass the tests you pass the tests done and done, go work on your maths a little if you think it needs some work, problem solved.

    Good luck. If its the August 23rd briefing I will see you there.
  3. Aberystwyth! What the **** were you thinking?>(
  4. lots of fit student fanny!
    wish i'd gone there for celtic studies instead of peace studies up in bratfud!
    would never have met the missus then too =)
  5. Hmm, a 2:2, you'll be joining the RLC then.
  6. He wont be joining the Guards as an Officer.
  7. Go for it, all they can do is say no.

    Needless to say I would brush up on my maths if I were you. the RM Rct thing shouldnt be so much as a roadbump IMHO. I do disagree with Sentinal though, 6 weeks RM trg a year ago do not mean you will 'ace' any fitness tests, the only way you ace fitness tests is by being very fit and that has nothing to do with your minimal prev service.

    Be sincere, explain what decisions you made and why, you should then be in with a fair crack of the whip.
  8. 2:2 - did you play rugby? You'll be fine...
  9. Oh and as you are joining the Army and are not Cdo trained you should drop all that hoofing, wet, scran, galley, cabin, pongo bollocks.
  10. 6 weeks royal marine recruit? You did 6 weeks then wrapped basically!! 2 of those 6 weeks being foundation. which is learning to clean your cock and how to iron. then 4 weeks of basic infantry training. (1st 15 weeks of rm training is basic infantry training) ...Don't be such a homo, Man up and stick to one thing, especially if you want to be an infantry officer. "Do you think 6 weeks as a RM recruit will help me ??? pssssssssss wet pants then fall over crying.
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  11. HArsh but fair......I'd try and get away with mentioning it as little as. You ******* bailed out of a bit of shouting a bit of ironing and 101 bivvy camping for the weekend.

    Man up and get cracking. its a marks of failure you need to wash away with some serious performance in your AOSB and the rest of your career.

    Try and cancel out from your mind that you will never attain the lofty heights of even YO RM :) Loser
  12. I hesitate to enter this UK focused debate but I wonder if JC110 realiz(s)es what he really said in his post (at least the tone that I discerned) in terms of his views/perspectives and most of all respect that any officer (worth being one) MUST have for his or her subordinates.

    If he does pursue this, I urge him to do a lot of navel contemplating about why he really wants to be an officer and what a tremendous hono(u)r it is to lead troops that carries with it an incredibly high bar of responsibility to them that can IMHO only be met through complete and honest selflessness.
  13. JJH, I sometime think I need to put your posts through some sort of USMC-Human being translation filter

    Can you not just swear a bit more
  14. It is Friday night here and I feel especially mellow--my feminine side I suppose. Feel free to revise as needed to make it a bit more palatable. You might at least give me credit for leaving your quote uncensored.
  15. Do USMC Colonels swear?....especially tame ones?