EX RN / Re-Joining Int Corps or PARAs!?

Evening everyone,

Firstly apologies if this mirrors another similar thread on the forums. I've been scrolling through the various sections for weeks now & I must say it's been a great source of info... I'm just wanting to get the opinions of those having served, or are still serving on my specific options as the Army site can be a bit vague!

Anyway I am an Ex-Royal Navy Air Engineering techy having served with both the Commando Seakings & the now late Harriers! When the last SDSR was announced & our squadrons were to be disbanded I banged out due to personal reasons and have had a good few years on the outside! I turn 25 in November and now I'm itching to get back in. I'm fairly bored & I really miss the regimented way of life & the forces as a whole!

After much deliberation I'm completely torn between the Int Corps & the Paras... Strange combination I know! Joining the Paras has been a massive boyhood dream of mine, I simply didn't have the mental or physical strength the first time round and the camaraderie, the travel, life of someone in the infantry really appeals to me. At the same time though I can't help but take an interest in the Int Corps with the Lance Jack rank & pay after Phase 2. The intelligence field interests me, my father works in the sector on the outside and I can't help but find the job fascinating. Only thing is I can't think of anything worse than sitting behind a desk 24/7, I mean some of the time would be nice but all the time would drive me insane...Can anyone enlighten me as to what the average Field/Office ratio like?

I'm also curious as to what the current PARA pay is for having your wings as a member on the reg? I read somewhere it was about £180 a month? What kind of wages are the lads coming out with after their first posting from training? I have a place in Leeds with the mrs so I need to take everything into account. Location postings & pay etc... The Mrs is really supporting of whatever option I take as she knows how unhappy I am on the outside. I just want to make the right choice! Is promotion really slow in the infantry compared to the Int Corps or is it what you make of it? Plus would there be any chance of transferring from one role to the other after a few years? I can't help but feel I'll be joining up as a 25 year old Pte alongside a rowdy bunch of 17/18 year olds so do I just got down the Int route? I'm looking at re-joining the Army for the long term & not just another few years!

For those of you that have been arsed to read through this then thanks! Any help, guidance or general piss taking for being an ex-matelot then I'll thank you all now nonetheless :)


You would be the right age in the Int Corps. Bit of life to realise the world isn't black and white. Worth a try. I wouldn't mention you think you might get paid more as you have for both of your aspirations?
Go Int Corps and do something the Paras can't. If you still have aspirations that way after getting in, there are always the Para and Marine Close support sections to go for. Amazingly as it seems, you having been a fish-head might make you an appealing selection for one of them!!


It pains me to say it, but go Para. You can always try and apply to transfer to the Int Corps later, it's highly unlikely you could go the other way. Don't go in chasing the wage or promotion though, or you'll bring bad attention on yourself. Do it because you want to do it.

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sup rec

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Don't bank on the transfer either way. I have posted about this numerous times. It is getting harder and harder to do.
Don't bank on the transfer either way. I have posted about this numerous times. It is getting harder and harder to do.
Precisely why he should go Int Corps. He can always do P Coy or AACC as an add-on: there is no Intelligence add-on.
Evening gents, thanks for the responses. It's not so much that I'm chasing the promotion or wage, it's more the point that it's a fact upon Phase 2 those factors would be a reality. Both Paras & Int are huge interests of mine for different reasons. It's just hard to not take it into account that within X amount of years I would probably go further in the INT corps than I would the Paras.

As for the attachments to the 16AA / 3 Cdo Bde is that something that can happen often or is it something only a handful of people can ever do? My fitness is right up there so I'd love to go down the P Coy / AACC routes should it ever be made a possibility for me to attempt one of them. I'd like to be in the field all day long if I could be, not to be one of these 'Combat' seekers but just the fact being locked infront of a computer all day would drive me to drink! Haha

Sup Rec... I've been reading more and more on how difficult it is to transfer between trades. For all us fish-heads it's something that's pretty unheard of to just jump ship and re-train into another branch. Don't get me wrong if the opportunity is there to get your hands dirty & mucking in with the lads on the ground, along with the understandable amount of 'Desk Driving' I'd have to do, then Int Corps is the one. Obviously its difficult to get a detailed understanding of what you'll be doing day to day both in the UK & on operations without breaking any OPSEC/PERSEC.
There are plethora stickies and threads on what we do day-to-day in the Corps. There are an amount of places in AAC/P Coy areas, but you obviously need to learn your craft first. At the end of the day, it's your choice. Good luck.
Go Para, you'll always regret not cracking it, then later once you have hero'd up you can look at the int stuff

i know ex matelots who went para and are thoroughly enjoying it, the dirty, jack/pongo mongrels
Ex-Matelot eh?

Paras then, and when you qualify 3 para Mortar platoon is the place to be, they will love you, just saying.
Thanks for the advice chaps, really appreciate it. Haha cheers MacRaven! Out of interest what would a typical first posting be after Phase 2? I've read about quite a few that end up with Signal regiments, then again I've also seen a few that end up at Whitehall! I can imagine the PPP you fill in at Phase 2 is a lot like the Preferred aircraft type we did at the Fleet Air Arm School... 95% chose Harriers, 95% ended up doing Search & Rescue Seakings at Culdrose haha Is it a case of you ending up at pretty much any Brigade HQ, Bty, Coy, Section almost anywhere? Or is there a specified allocation of units that leavers of Phase 2 end up at?
You have not looked at REME then, just saying as your skill set might be more suited to that, even though I hate them, Avionics

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