Ex RMP war veterans charity boss accused of £200k fraud

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Flip_Flop_the_Gog, Jun 2, 2012.

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  1. Not good PR for veteran's charities:

    Colwyn Bay boss of war veterans charity accused of £200k fraud - North Wales News - News - Daily Post North Wales

    THE boss of a project to help Forces veterans will stand trial on £200,000 fraud charges later this year.

    Ex-Redcap Christopher James O'Neill, of Princes Drive, Colwyn Bay, a director of Forces For Good, pleaded not guilty to four fraud charges and one of theft when he appeared before a judge at Caernarfon Crown Court yesterday.

    The 50-year-old was remanded on conditional bail until his trial, which is expected to take place in October.

    The court heard the first charge alleges O’Neill falsely made a £125,000 grant application to the Welsh Assembly Government in 2010 to help Forces for Good buy the Jenevoire Hotel in Llandudno.

    Acting as the sole director of Forces for Good Ltd, he is also accused of transferring £74,800 from the firm’s bank account into his own account between March and October last year. It is alleged he used Forces for Good cash to pay hotel bills amounting to more than £6,500.

    Another charge relates to claims he made to a woman that about £32,000 was needed to buy the Llandudno hotel. It is alleged he made claims she could assist in managing the hotel and would be provided with accommodation.

    O’Neill also faces a charge of making off without paying a hotel bill of £808 in Chester last September. The theft charge alleges he stole electrical items and fixtures and fittings from a rented bungalow at Rhosybol, Anglesey.

    The Forces For Good website describes it as a social enterprise company working from Llandudno, Anglesey and Wrexham helping ex-armed forces personnel and their families to services they require, and offering mentoring and support. Its registered address is on Anglesey, it operates a hotel in Llandudno, a nine-house supported housing project on Anglesey, plus a caravan site.
  2. Never heard of him. Stick it in the RMP forum and see what comes up.
  3. Wails of denial probably.
  4. RMP being dishonest? Never.
  5. No, that's the Infantry when asked if they kicked any prisoners to death in Iraq.
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  6. Honest as the day's long Guv.
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  7. Sad case and would be no need for Army charities if the British Government introduced a Armed forces tax for all Servicemen and Women, Veterans and their families?
  8. Hah Royal has a bit more style and just wellies them.
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  9. For those who know me, I've got a very similar name to this **** (read: almost identical......) . It is not ME!
  10. Please tell me that this is Western. And that the coppers have found a 300cwt 1970s TV in his house while searching it.
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  11. pics-image-9-88357133.jpg

    Anyone recognise the fella?
  12. Nope. Don't even recognise the name.
  13. Thank **** he looks nothing like me!

  14. We'll be the judge of that...Fingers.
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  15. Typical RMP fizzogg. Eyes too close together, refusal to look you in the eye, shifty nervous demeanor, sloping shoulders and the obligatory double chin.
    Send 'im down.