Ex RMP life outside in Civvy Plod

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by mally123, Mar 1, 2005.

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  1. I left RMP life after 7 years and have been in civvy plod for just under a year. If anyone has any questions or needs any help or advise just ask.

    One thing I'd say though - I've been attacked more times in my first 10 weeks than what I had in 7 years in RMP. Its a rough life with little thanks!
  2. Good for you Monkeyboy.
  3. hello mally123. I am joining the rmp in may and if you could post a reply on my account i would be grateful. Are the rmp really as hated as people make out. did you specialise in SIB or CP. Was it a good and fulfilling career.
  4. You'll tend to find that on a Fri and Sat night evreybody hates you! Just the way it is. I did enjoy my time and service with the RMP, during which I completed one CP and a couple of non CP tours.

    You cant specialise in CP - you can do the course but then you have to wait for a tour.

    On the other hand you can join SIB after about 4 years once you've achieved class 1 Cpl.

    Quicker way to get your Sgt.

    The paperwork side of RMP is time consuming in comparison with Civil Police and the old rule that you can't arrest an officer without the permission of another officer is bollocks.

    Lockem up under civil law!
  5. I am stricken with fear :twisted:
  6. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator


    Why? Because they always go for the easy targets, and can't be arsed to solve any real crime. In over 20 years service I have NEVER seen the RMP/SIB successfully resolve a case of theft on camp - and I am not just talking about having your smock nicked from the drying room. I have have known Land Rovers stolen, PRIs ripped off, stores full of kit stolen - and never once have they got a result.
  7. I'm also joining the RMP and was under the impression that you can specialise in CP. Looking waaaaaay into the future I want to do CP as a career after the Army, but I'm only 23 so that is obviously a long way off.

    Slightly Off TopicI'm very stuck for which way to go; either officer or soldier. I've just been offered (officer) sponsorship for the RMP, but was led believe that if I actually wanted to be a military policeman (then after 4 years of 'general police duties' a CPO) then DONT join as a officer.

    I'm booking my BARB soon and doing my pre-RCB in June under the advise of my ACA.
  8. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    If you are seriously considering the difference between officer entry and soldier entry to the RMP on the basis of being a policeman then I think you may have your priorities a bit skewed. If you want to be a policeman, solve crimes, protect the public etc then surely you should join the Civ Plod. Frankly in this day and age the RMP aren't in that business, and becoming increasingly less so (look at how many times recently Civ Pol are being called in to investigate serious offences that take place in a military context). You join the Army for the way of life, and that should be the basis on which you select your career track.
  9. [align=justify]I left RMP, after a considerable period of time served, a few years ago and joined the civvy police. Before I left my RSM and others tried to tell me life would not be greener on the other side. They were wrong. I now have a stable life, my own house and no more living in portacabins, tents or substandard accommodation in Dumpsville, Anywheretonylikestosendyou. I don't regret my time in RMP or the army at all. It was the best fun I've ever had but I think that towards the end of my service, welfare of the troops was placed at the back of the queue. This may be an army or just a Corps trait, I don't know. I am not bitter just disapointed. As far as life not being any greener, then check out my pay for this month below. If anyone is coming to the end of their service, you could do a lot worse than joining the civvy police.[/align]

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  10. yeah , looks great , ... if you fancy "death by overtime" and being constrained in political correctness straitjackets. :roll:
  11. Um! Shall I work an extra 24 hours @ £60 per day = £60


    24 hours @ 11.80 per hour = £283

    or @ x 1.33 = £376

    or @ x 1.5 = £425

    or @ x 2 = £566

    Ah I remember those 70-80 hour weeks with a certain fondness

    Only bad thing is the end of the 30p bottle of Becks and tax free car 8O
  12. As apposed to staggin on for free???

    and the army are the worst people for political correctness straitjackets!!!
  13. Death by overtime is as maybe, and political correcteness, paper work etc is a real pain in the arrse, but you don't get sent to some godforsaken hole awaiting to be shafted by the press and dropped by the heirarchy to save their blushes.....oh wait one, yes you do, sorry!
  14. Well what public sector job aren't you gonna get shafted by politically motivted heirarchy?

    Just know the Army is going down the pan, and i'm jumpin ship ....
    And before you all ask yes i am going to try for civi bill.....
    yes like every "ex RMP" does.
    Beats workin security in TESCO like all "ex infanteers"

  15. This is what I was told by an RMP captain 15 years ago. I listened and joined the MPS. Its very sound advice.