Ex-RM in hospital

I hope someone can help here. I know that this is not the right site, but RR has no welfare site that I could see and I know that we have RM lurk on our site.
I'm after help with an ex RM and his wife (a friend of the OH) who has been hospitalised and the treatment that he is getting. I have all his personal and service details.
Marine Mac is lying in Kings College Hospital in London, after suffering the debilitating effects of 2 strokes. He has very little movement or speech, to get by this he has a code book with pictures to point to to aid his needs. At present, the staff at this hospital are treating him with what seems to be complete disdain. A prime example of this is:- his wife, herself blind in one eye and going deaf, went to visit him, walked onto the ward to be confronted by 2 of the ward staff who said that Mac was having a bad day and they were taking bets that his wife would know what was wrong with him. She walked into his room,to find that they had placed surgical tights on him and had managed to cut off blood supply to his feet, he has been left to lie in his own waste as it took 2.5 hrs to get a commode to his room, despite him pointing in his book as to what he needed. He has been in hospital for 2 months, has contracted MRSA and has now been "cured" of that, despite no blood tests in the last three weeks to prove otherwise and has lost 3 stone whilst lying in hospital. The general concensus is to now put him on the general ward. He also suffers from Dysphagia, Hypothyroidism and seizures due to the strokes.
if any RM are looking in, could they get in touch with a contact number for the RM Association, plus there is more to his service history that I won't mention here. Thanks in advance for any help.


Until the relevant agencies can get involved, bring your concerns over the inexcusably poor care to the attention of the Patient Advice and Liaison Service at the hospital.
Cheers for the advice, guys. Will keep you posted as events unfold.

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