Ex-RM gets 11 months for walking from John O'Groats to Lands End in the raw

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Maalox, Jul 2, 2013.

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  1. What, banged up AGAIN???
  2. Fuck me Maalox, why don't you give it a rest? The man's saner than you, has served for longer and I'd be more comfortable talking to him in a pub than I would you.

    Now go and kick yourself to death, you wannabe BounceBanana.
  3. It's one way of getting a roof over your head for a night or two, and some free feed. Perhaps he's not as stupid as the OP.
  4. This poor fellow gets 11 months jail for walking around naked whilst the Chindits got VCs also for walking around naked!

  5. ACAB is it true there is no law against nudism, so how did he get a asbo, little confused,
  6. One of those chaps is my Grandad, really proud of him, no longer with us.
  7. No one says he's stupid if he can pull trim like this!

  8. People were offended by his naturism, the Law demanded that he stop offending their sensibilities, he carried-on normal jogging, thereby offering contempt of the Law.
  9. What upset the police was not his genitals, but his exposed buttocks. They are not called "The Filth" for nothing.

    He looks tough enough to protect himself from being anally rooted whilst in the slammer.

  10. they could have got a lift from somebody they dont even need a sign,

    Nipple or bust
  11. It's out of order that he's been banged up, let alone for 11 months. It should be quite clear to the law by now that he won't stop enjoying his natural, god-given rights and freedoms, so why not leave him alone ffs?!
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  12. You can rape, muuurduuuur, burgle, etc. but one thing is guaranteed to get you slammed up with Bubba and that is contempt for the law. Oddly enough, most people I know have total and utter contempt for it too. The secret is staying below the radar in a non-gratuitous-nudity, willy-waving stylee. But as he's ex-RM what do you expect? It's Bollockybuffsville 24/7 with that bunch.