My friend who is in this line of work told me about this earlier today and thought that it may be of news to some of you. I believe that one of the Brits involved may have been an ex-officer RLC. It has not been widely reported in the press.

A British citizen has been killed and another is in a critical condition after six suicide bombers stormed the compound of a US aid organisation in Afghanistan. A German security guard was also among the three foreign nationals who died following the attack in Kunduz city in the north of the country. The third fatality was possibly from the Philippines. Seven foreign nationals were injured, including a Briton who was left seriously hurt and is in a critical but stable condition. Earlier, Afghan officials said two Afghan security personnel died and another 20 Afghans wounded when militants attacked the compound of Development Alternatives Inc (DAI). One attacker blew up a car at the entrance and the other five wearing explosives vests then burst into the building. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. A spokesman for the rebel group said: "According to our information there were a total of 52 foreigners in the building apart from the guards and policemen around." Afghan president Hamid Karzai said the assault was "the work of the foreign mercenaries who do not want the people of Afghanistan to achieve a better life". British embassy spokesman Melanie Scarlett said: "One British citizen was killed and one is in a critical but stable condition." Most expatriates at the compound fled to the roof as a gun battle raged, a US embassy official said. Police said the bodies of the five suicide attackers were recovered from two floors of the building. DAI provides social and economic assistance in developing countries. The global firm is an "implementing partner" of Washington's international aid arm USAID. It is believed to have opened its Kunduz operation about four months ago. Such contractors are playing an increasingly important role in Afghanistan, using billions of dollars in aid money in an effort to rebuild the country after 30 years of war. (Sky News)

My condolences and prayers to the family.
So you might know him but your not sure and it could of been a loggie or a blue tac head? However your confused because the guys you met in Gut are a haze due to your squiffyness??

More importantly, are you the same Saucy Sue that I got frisky with behind the Offr Mess during the Summer ball In Gut??
What was the theme of the function and I'll tell you? I went to 2 and from what I can remember they ended quite well. Don't get functions like them in civvy street bu the pay is a lot better.
PM on route lol
As for the "How about a "Hot or Not" interactive tab for all the females serving in the CORPS - Sod it, just call it the "Not or Not" tab." Well it didn't stop you lol
Is there a need to decode this thread?
saucysue said:
As for the "How about a "Hot or Not" interactive tab for all the females serving in the CORPS - Sod it, just call it the "Not or Not" tab." Well it didn't stop you lol
Hot or Not is officially cancelled after 2300! Its just "That will do"

As you should know lol
The two blokes were my sergeant and my section commander in H8. They're Para Reg. Both fcuking mega blokes. RIP mate you'll be missed. As for the other, get well quick, you owe me a Guinness!
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