EX-reme working for us army in germany?

Discussion in 'REME' started by kayak8889, Mar 16, 2005.

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  1. Just wondered if anyone has worked for allegis group in frankfurt, for US ARMY, as a VM or simular?
    Allegis group are paying £13.00 per hour tax free, but you have to pay for your own accomodation out of that, and its only six month contracts.
    Im trying to find out if there are any other companys doing anything simular? as ive heard a few crap things about allegis group.

  2. As an ex Gun Fitter I looked into it.
    They were very keen, and kept getting in touch with me until I said no.
    I felt that the quality of life set back did'nt reflect the pay or the lack of security that they were offering.
  3. £13.00 an hour? I wouldn’t employ you to sweep the roads with a vocab like that thicko! Learn how to spell your name right and maybe you will get a better offer!!! Simular???? I think not! Try similar!!! Alternatively you could try spell check! (Are you a Reccy Mech by any chance?)
  4. ............And while were at it thicko, Accommodation is 2 m's
    Personally, I would let you live on the streets, and then you wouldn’t have to bother spelling it if you didn’t have any! THICKO!!!
  5. Bulfordbootboys, if you wish to "red pen" posts on this site I suggest you look at your own first :D
  6. they pay on time.weekly pay £600 you get the first £350 tax free ( may have changed since I was out there) Depends where you go as to standard of accomodation Hannau(Frankfurt was Sh1t) Baumholder was excellent
    good bunch of guys some very skilled some that were not veryskilled a lot of the guys blagged their experience one was a sewing machine mechanic, another was a diesel train engineer others were regt.driver mechs but generally we got the job done. leave it at that. biggest problems Brit suppervisors generally only mildly capable(not all of them) and some were on an ego trip, funny that it seemed to be the ex reme jncos that were the worstI came back for family reasons after a year but without the problems(medical) at home I'd probably still be there now. The Yanks did get fairly touchy about contractors after 9/11 but the brits were on the friendly list
    hope this gives you some info
  7. ref last post
    if you are going out to work there lose your ID card before you leave the service I had an RAF civvy gate pass was to all intent and purpose the same as an id card it'll get you access to all PX facilities. they are very touchy about who they sell coffee to at six in the morning (the levis are really cheap but don't get caught)
  8. My hubbys just rejoined the army after 4 yrs out,3 he spent in Germany Kuwait and Iraq working for the Yanks as a mech.You could try a UK coy called M& E theyre based up at Stourbridge address is some international business park or airport.They place Brits in contracts there.ITT work in the Gulf and are american.I can get phone number if you cant manage it.Allegis is crap apparently, you have to pay for your place out in Germany etc with M&E.My hubby could help you with info.
  9. Ask hubby to fix your space bar love.
  10. I've not been out there for 3 1/2 years but I had to pay for my own accomodation with M&E But they did have a really good admin guy working for them called Martin Adams( I don't know if he is still with them ) and he got everyone fairly good accomodation quite cheap in the Baumholder area(700 dm/month it cost me for a two bedroom flat) there were a couple of cowboys at Hanau that lived in a trailer tent and one ex-reme sgt who lived in a tent for the summer,on the p*ss most of the time I was there but generally if no flats available you were in hotels and the owners double manned the rooms but still expected to be paid the full amount for each person. It still paid a fairly good wage though. I'm fairly sure the accomodation in the middle east was free and on the base
  11. you can get hold of M&E Group Ltd at the following address

    M&E Group Ltd
    Wolverhampton Airport
    West Mids

    Phone 01384 221133

    worked for these guys very good give them a call i know they are employing at the moment in Germany and the USA. they are the biggest company doing this work they employ over 300 men.

    good luck hope this helps