Ex REME Armourer required.

Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by Ravers, Dec 16, 2009.

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  1. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I am posting this on behalf of a work colleague:

    An exciting opportunity has arisen in the London gun trade for an ex REME Armourer or similar.

    Based in Central London, managing a small workshop carrying out testing and quality control of civvy and military small arms.

    The ideal candidate would be an ex REME or RAF SNCO Armourer or Royal Navy Small Arms Maintainer however other candidates with relevent experience maybe considered.

    Salary is negotiable depending on experience.

    PM me for details.
  2. Hi Ravers,
    I am a serving NRPS Armourer who is about to be made redundant as part of the cuts that are doing the rounds. I have over 31 years service with regular Army & TA. I am currently based in Leicester and would appreciate more information on the subject.
  3. TF,

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    As the new boy, you might not realise that Ravers has asked you to "pm" him. On the left of his message, below his username, is a button marked "pm". Click on that and drop him the message.

  4. Ravers, you have a PM.
  5. Ravers

    Many thanks!