Ex regular, wants to go to Iraq/ Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by pigdog, Dec 27, 2008.

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  1. O.K. guys bone question, been out 6 years from regs (R.A.), would like to go to Iraq or Afghanistan through an S type. Army cutting down on guys serving in Iraq, so what do i do to make myself as approachable as possible, Infantry, medic or go back in as advanced flags R.A. reg???? Any advice appreciated----is Iraq even an option, is Afghanistan a reasonable option????
  2. Check out available FTRS posts at www2.army.mod.uk/servingsoldier/career/mcmdivs/ta/ftrs_guide.htm
  3. msr

    msr LE

    I believe S types no longer exist.

    If you want to get into the TA, go down to your local unit, otherwise I would have thought a phonecall to Chilwell would be your best bet: http://www2.army.mod.uk/rtmc/index.htm

  4. An ex-reg joined my unit (his old cap badge) with the sole reason of going to Iraq (this was in 2003). He subsequently went on Telic 4 and as soon as the POTL finished, left the TA. However, as you have been out 6 years you may have a problem with another cap badge as you may have to do basic again. I would suggest you find a gunner unit and then volunteer as soon as you get in.
    Good Luck
  5. If you have been out more than 3 yrs you will need to rejoin and undergo recruit training, in theory. Many units will simply assess you (cft, wht, bpfa etc) and then fast track you. Once you are in you can apply for an FTRS or wait until that unit next deploys, if you join an infantry regt that could be pretty quick.
    You could also go private.
  6. Write or call the Mobilsation Branch at the APC Glasgow (contact details available on MoD web-site). Ex Regulars can volunteer to become a Section D Regular Reservist.
    You will get a 1-4 year engagement depending on your age, no training required (until you volunteer to be mobilsesd). You will retake the 'Queens Shilling' at your local recruting office or a nearby military unit. You then go via the RTMC at Chilwell to your chosen holiday destination.
    From my own exerperience your cap badge makes little odds and you could wind up anywhere with any unit. There are a number of slots open to all cap badges and many are rank ranged (eg any rank from Sgt-W02, or Gnr - L/Cpl.. sorry L/Bdr!).
    As I have mentioned on other posts you will not now, be able to add to any preserved AFPS75 pension that you may have but you will be offered the less favorable RFPS05, but then as you want to go then perhaps that does not matter, which is what the MoD bean counters are relying on.
  7. Check RAF Reserves. RAF Regt screaming for auxiliary gunners and you can guarantee a tour very quickly if you want it.