Ex regular now in the TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jonny36, Jan 11, 2008.

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  1. Back in after well over 10 year lay off and I have done 4 weekends so far.

    My question is I have not yet recieved my new army number after 4 months from filling the applications in.

    Am I offically back in or am I just Joe Bloggs turning up on a Tuesday night and weekend?

    Could the army say that bad Knee all those years ago or what ever else means that your not wanted?
  2. Will you not simply return to using your old regimental number?
  3. Dunno about the pay - I turned up for about 6 months before all the paperwork was completed but then got back-pay for all the weekends (the one and only time I have every been both surprised and pleased with a pay chit). YMMV.

    If they throb you off on medical, was it a service injury? If so, start darkly muttering about claiming for a disability pension and a medical board may mysteriously convene and let you in. Mind, I had to use my civvie health insurance to get my knee scanned and the (inconclusive) results provided to Glasgow.
  4. So after having the army medical etc and I am now as fit as a long range lurcher, it would be rare for them to give you the boot months down the line?
  5. Rare? Yes. But I don't know you or them. Just remember what pay & admin was like when you were Reg and had Chief Clerks and all sorts of people who could work the system and then search this site for JPA!
  6. Surely then recruits/new bods are turning up on weekends whos paperwork has not been processed, so they are not security checked etc?
  7. unfortunately due to jpa you wont possibly keep your old number and will probably have a nice shiny new 300 number as the ex regs in our unit have since joining after jpa.

    i wonder are you covered with the army insurance if you have not had a number issued and paperwork completed.feel free to correct me if i am wrong
  8. As soon as you have completed your army medical and read the bible, you must be medicaly covered to soldier?