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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by irlsgt, Oct 30, 2012.

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  1. I know it seems to vary with regard to time lapsed between leaving the regs and joining the TA, and the units..... But:

    Assuming an ex-reg was to join the TA say 1 or 2 years after leaving, do they get to keep their rank (eg captain, sergeant etc).

    If so what if there is no vacancy for that rank? Find another unit? Or is there a way of having eg 1 sergeant over establishment?
  2. From recent experience we have a ex reg who left as a full screw and jouned us recently. He's currently employed as a private but paid as a corporal. Not at all upset by this ;-)
  3. They will keep their rank unless their is no slot available for them in that rank anywhere in the subunit they are joining and the subunit has already reached its maximum overbearing (ie, over establishment) limit, which is 120%. Paragraph 7d of 2012DIN01-018 Enlistment to the Territorial Army for serving and recently discharged ex-Regular soldiers: A process guide and incentives.

    "Ex Regular officers and soldiers should keep their rank on enlistment in the TA in accordance with AGAI Vol 2, Chapter 44, Annex C, Para 65, provided there has not been a break in Service of more than 3 years. ... In the event of overbearing, particularly at SNCO/WO level, this should be managed at a local level, in accordance with TA Regulations 1978, Chapter 1, Annex D."

    Having said that, if the said bod is good, a way will usually be found to get them into the subunit at their former rank, usually by placing him in a slot at that rank in another subunit of the same unit.

    Only if no space can be found in that rank across the whole unit will they have to drop a rank but they will usually get it back pretty quickly, given the rate of churn in membership of the TA.
  4. You will need to find a PiD for your rank trade etc. There's plenty around. The TA where i work lack a coherent and effective command element. No fault of their own, just needs ex regs to mentor them one on one. Plus it's easy money.
  5. Good info above my first post, You will get snapped up if you are any good
  6. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Left the Regs as a LCpl, joined TA 4 years later as a Pte. Promoted after 1 month to LCpl and then a year later got Cpl. Was due my Sgt but re-enlisted into Regs.
  7. From my experience I left regular service in Oct 99 and re-applied to join in early 2002 and being accepted late in the year, Was joining a regiment within my old Corps but under different capbadge was told I wouldn't have to to basic again at the one Sqn I was looking at joining but got sent to another Sqn as there was a slot for me there. They had me go back and do the recruits cse again although I didnt have to do the lead up weekends.

    I didnt get to keep my rank even though I re-badged back to my old Corps as I was a different trade. Pretty annoying when not long afterwards some cadet AI applies to join and didn't have to do either the weekends or the recruits cse as they were an AI...WTF!

    I suppose every unit will be different when interprating the rules but as stated I stil get paid at a higher rate than most of the L/Cpl's in the unit due to me beeing triple traded:viking:
  8. Big man, note the date of the DIN I quoted: 2012. That DIN contains the rules that should be being applied now.

    But the main point is that TA units will (unless they are deranged) do their best to recognise and reward the skills and experience of ex-regulars joining them. In the beginning, anyway. After that, the piss-taking starts.
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  9. Cheers
  10. Dr Evil, you speak the truth. However, Glasgow do not seem to up-to-date on the incentives for Ex-Regs to join the TA. Last contact involved a statement along the lines of "oh, they don't get to keep their rank but they get it back within 3 years". I corrected them stating it means as long as they have left the regs within 3 years, not 3 years after they join the TA. When I quoted said DIN, the statement was "What DIN". DIN was emailed and I was told there was nothing new and they still don't keep their rank. When I quoted the AGAI, they still didn't get it. I am still investigating to see who has top trumps as the, quite right, attitude of ARTD & HQ RG is that they keep their rank (if there is a PID/position available of course).

    Also seen recently on the ARTD website that Ex-Regular Soldiers & Officers do not have to do the TA recruits course if they have completed a Regular Basic training course or commissioning course and are enlisting within 6 years of leaving the Regs.

    Plus, don't forget trade wise even if you are going to be a different trade it has it in TA Regs that you can use existing qualifications (either military or civilian) to go straight to class 2, bypassing basic class 3 trade training. As I am not in work, it is somewhere in Ch 5, 5.013 or something like that. It does involve passing it up the chain a bit but it can be done. Saves starting at the bottom again when you have loads of experience and qualifications.
  11. irlsgt, Irish Doris: I think that perhaps, together, we Paddies can fix this broken British Army by beating the MOD in a guerrilla fight.
  12. Knowledge is power, as I always say
  13. Pretty annoying when not long afterwards some cadet AI applies to join and didn't have to do either the weekends or the recruits cse as they were an AI...WTF!


    I find that hard to believe, as I can't see any TA unit letting a cadet instructor skip basic training, but if that is the case then WTF indeed!
  14. I find that hard to believe, as I can't see any TA unit letting a cadet instructor skip basic training, but if that is the case then WTF indeed![/QUOTE]

    Completely untrue. They should be doing all training including selection.

    Given that OTC now have to do W/E 10 and TSCB as a minimum then why would cadets have to do less!

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