Ex Regular joining reserves.

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Perhaps one of the more positive threads, not snappy at all, started the thread with a semi serous, relevant question and immediately get the big time tag. Perhaps their are lots of people with personal issues just looking for any opportunity to jump on something to make their day. Believe it or not, I am possibly one of the most humble, unassuming blokes you could possibly meet. I don't need my ego tickled.
How modest of you to point out how humble you are...
I wouldn't have posted this, but...



I've just joined the reserves after 9 years out of regs. I'm having to start from the bottom and wouldn't want it any other way, even if I was offered the chance to skip alpha/bravo I'd say no - partly because I have forgotten a lot of the skills since leaving, but mostly because I've quickly realised a lot has changed.

Good luck to you however you go about it but I would advise just to crack on and do it all again, after all, we know what's expected of us so we're already a step ahead of other recruits. Also my basic training was 21 weeks when I was regs so this should be easy compared to that.

P.s I got to keep my old no. Starting 2517...
mega :thumleft:

I love it when people reveal their service numbers

Everyone is a sprog to someone I suppose :lol:
Didn’t want to create a new thread but I do wonder how the original poster got on.. I think I asked a question on the Reserves before but this was a few years back..

Not sure if it’s the current lockdown or not, but I’ve been doing a lot of sitting around and thinking about going for the Reserves.
I originally joined the regs 20 years ago, infantry and did 5 years. I then rejoined a few years later and did three more years before leaving ten years ago.
So my questions are,do your employers support your Reserve commitment? Is annual camp two weeks every summer?
Do you get paid for a drill night?
What I did notice with the Reserves are you generally join the local unit. My nearest one is 20 miles away and infantry. There is an RLC one 30 miles away, obviously a longer way to travel.
I also seem to recall they reserves are entitled to a pension, which I assume you can join to your regular one?
I left 10 years ago.