Guys can anyone clarify the commitment of an ex - regular (22yrs) to the TA. My understanding is that this has just changed and the days have dropped from 27 to 19 and various other amendments to terms of service?

The lenth of commitment changes like the wind, when I left the regs and joined the ta(1989) the days were as many as you could do, then came the cut backs this drastically reduces the days to 36 now with iraq and afghan stan my days are now going up again. Its what you want to give it provided the trg maj and psao want you to have.
Under the new scheme ex-regular soldiers joining the TA will be given a 3 year concession period from their date of discharge from the Regular Army before being eligable for mobilisation or call out under Section 54 and 56 of Reserve Forces Act 1996.

The training liability has also been reduced from 27 to 19 days without the need to attend an annual camp and to have a reduced MATT's requirement.

There are also allsorts of other incentives check here

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