Discussion in 'REME' started by RS_RULE, Jun 3, 2006.

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  1. Hi all

    just wondered if there are any ex REGT SPEC who have left / transferred / or retraded as a result of the demise of the REGT SPEC role

    where are you :?

    what are you doing :?

    why did you leave :?

    any advice :?
  2. I'd be surprised if anyone left because of this; with the lack of new blood coming in at the bottom or from the side the opportunity for promotion as those at the top leave is better than anything other trades have.
    Views anyone?
  3. RS RULE

    The Boss is right , hang on in there and you will be a Tara sooner then you think!
  4. I beleive one or two of the nippers changed trade, definately one lad who failed his pre basic course test and was told you are only academically bright enough for the RS role, cheeky tw@ts, re-tred to VM, his first choice on joining the corps. Didn't waste any time or effort there then. Most of the older chaps will still be able to ply their trade in the 'Tech Storeman' CEG until they finish their time, so why change? We still need punters to be CSM and stuff. I know its already been mentioned but the problem maybe find punters to do the MTI things when the Ex RS have all disapeared.
  5. i'm sorry but RS guys would like a normal quality of life NOW the same as the rest of the corps! i would like to know when im getting to get posted as im burnt out and very tired of not seeing my family at night on weekends or for weeks at a time. im trying not to winge but this has been going on for 3 years and i have just been told no ones going anywhere till after x-mas thats a long time in phase 1. Even thou something is meant to be happening, we have been told nothing. i have not been extended or reposted.

    The idea that one day we could be a WO distant dream, which many RS will not take into account when there wifes are given them grief because they spend stupid hours working while they are stuck in some of the worst quarters in the army. To add to that whats the point of slogging your guts out with 18 hour days when theres 20 people ready for promotion and only 1 gets it because there is no one to replace us

    To say you would be surprised if anyone leaves is a lack of understanding of how we feel about this , and you are going to be surprised because people have had enough and are planning there escape routes as we speak.

    As for what other trades have to offer, its quite simple they offer a change.Which is what we are not being offered. I would be happy to take a reduction in rank to kick start my career and see my wife and kids happier. To some people life is more important then the size of the badge on your arm.

    This post has been written because you asked for anyones views hopefully now you can understand the feeling at the coal face. I don't want to leave the army or the corps but i feel as if we are getting pushed out
  6. to late, found my own light at the end of the tunnel.

  7. So why is this different to a "real" unit?

    I am afraid you may be in for a shock to find that working hours etc are very similar to what you are experiencing now.

  8. BM where I do agree that in field force units do work long hours, however this is usually when in preparation for an event ie major ex or operations. To compensate for this there is usually some form of pre tour leave package and/or on return you should get POTL.

    At a Phase One Training Establishment the long hours, weekend work and workload is constant - there is no respite.
  9. POTL, Pre tour package.......dont make me laugh, I have only ever once had POTL, and that was cut short...as for pre tour leave.....dont get me started!!

    As I said previously, i know the grass always seems greener but please give it some more thought.