Ex-Regs, you're needed......

Ok, this is a simple recruitment call....

So now you're an ex-reg, you've left the army, swearing never to go back, better off out of it etc etc etc.

But you can't help feeling, looking at the horizontal rain beating against the window, and the missus beasting you silly about shopping, DIY, Kids and the like, that you should be out in that.....

Well the TA needs you. We need good, experienced personnel, to help bring us up to an enchanced  level of training.

Yes, we're keen and enthusiastic, and willing to learn, but we need more first-hand experience, new training ideas, and the latest regular army doctrines and disciplines. Especially Ex-regs who can errrrr ahem call in favours, re. Equipment, Training and the like

So, instead of muttering "Fcuking Stabs" etc etc etc, why not go and have a look at your local TA unit, and see how YOU can make a difference.

If you're a civilian guest, and thinking "Wouldn't mind a crack at that" aged between 17-32 , you're welcome too. EX-Regs, upper age limit at unit discretion I believe.

If you're in the Midlands, PM me or SB for further details...

Go on, you know you want to......  ;D

The Army is an equal opportunities employer, but some are more equal than others...
the upper age limit for TA is 32!! What, in your experience is the oldest ex reg that's been allowed in. I mean I'm only 30 but I can p1ss all over the majority of crows fitness wise. So if I decide to get out into a better paid job but still want to have some contact with the mil on a regular basis by joining the TA I'd get fcuked off. What other reasononig is behind this. Pse cure my ignorance PTP.
......EX-Regs, upper age limit at unit discretion I believe.

Up to 40, certainly in one case I know about Verdi. But is at unit discretion. I think you'll find, that experience and percieved value to the unit, outweigh age considerations.

After all, you're not going to turn away an SNCO with a wealth of experience. The only consideration, is are there regimental vacancies, to keep him in his current rank? WE have had ex's , drop a rank on entry, but they normally know they'll be fast-tracked subject to wastage etc. SB might know a bit more on that side.

...I suspect your fitness , is not open to question mate, have you spoken to the SPSI's at any of your TA regimental units?

As long as their fit and within age limits Ma :D

........ and leave a nice long gap since their last jabs b4 they apply.....
Ma... they are positively encouraged to join, don't suppose you know one who only has one leg do you, that would have the equal opps people off our backs for a while ;D

Verdi... the age limit is aimed more at direct entry by civvies with no previous mil background, we can be very flexible about the age thing for ex regs.

One word of warning though, there is a time limit of about 18 months (Someone correct me with the actual time limit please) after you leave the regs to join the TA, after that time you are still welcome but the powers that be have decided that you must have forgotten everything you ever knew about the military and have to repeat recruit training including the 2 weeks recruit course at a regular training establishment  ::)  not surprisingly this has cost us a fair few people who just wanted a year or two to themselves then realised they missed the military enviroment but were far too long in the tooth to put themeselves through all the bullsh!t again.

If you do join within the time limit you are pretty certain to be guaranteed to retain your regular rank or at the least drop one rank and be reinstated as soon as there is a vacancy at your rank, again it depends very much on the unit you join.

From my own corps point of view, we are always very happy to see ex sappers come along, but we are happy to take anyone from any background, if you are not from the RE originally then you will have to do a four day course at Gib Barracks. It is the Basic Field Engineering phase of the two week recruit course and although you are working along with the recruits, the DS treat you like the adults you are ;)

if anyone wants more info on the TA Sappers, you can find it on the army website.


p.s. PTP... thanks for starting this one, good idea, its staying at the top.

peeps could we keep this one fairly serious, minus personal abuse and flirting.. you know who you are ;D
Ta Humph,
Actually, it was a reg mate of mine calling me this morning, he's coming out after his tour and said "U fcuking lot need sorting" lol

But it made me think, how much more efficient units could be, with that regular army supplementation, makes the Spy's job a lot easier as well....

ptp - cheers. I've not spoken to anyone, it just never registered before about the age limit's and suprised me so I thought I'd ask a bone question while I was here. It's deffo a consideration for when I eventually do get out though and civvy life gets to boring! ;)

hugh - we'll keep this one serious..promise. It's yet another valid thread on the TA board. Shaming us regs again. ;D
I'm from a TA unit that is 95% ex-regular and you can certainly see the difference when you're on a course with other units. Most units are full of good keen people, but unless you've lived and breathed green for a substantial period of time you tend not to have the ‘feel’ for the job.

The few non-ex-regs that we have had have been ‘wives of’ and none have tended to stay very long. Not because they were no use, or not committed, but once hubby’s posted, they’re off too.

You can’t over emphasise the advantage of a high proportion of ex-regs, but normally by the time they get out of the army they’ve had enough and just want to do that civvy thing. What we have to do is put across the advantages… Money for old rope (including a 1000 pound tax free bounty), escape from the wife and kids, travel, good contacts in useful places in the community and most likely a unit that appreciates the experience they have and won’t dump on them at every opportunity.

Other than that, it’s a part time army.  ::)
PTP....been there done that mate.    Doubt I'll do it again and it's not that I've lost interest in soldiering.

On a serious note..........is recruiting that bad for the TA just now?  

I spent three years with the TA during a sabatical from the mob.  My TA unit was decimated on the last round of cuts which happened shortly after I re enlisted full time.   I went to the bash we had for the part timers and it was really sad to see some of them go.   Some of them were visibly upset, they'd put heart and soul into it. I know I take the piss, but I'm serious on this one .......only this one mind ;) !!

One thing I couldn't help from noticing though was the incestuous (probably spelt that wrong!) nature of that TA unit.   There was an 'obvious' pecking order as to who was allowed to remain.........it stank!  Some of their best men and women were put out to grass, whilst some real w*nkers were allowed to remain.   Having bore witness to that 'selected cull', I doubt I'll go anywhere near the TA when I jump ship next time.  

Perhaps it was just that unit, but even though it 'wasn't my problem'......it left a bad taste.  I saw some really professional people, who I believe wholeheartedly missed their true vocation in life and should have went full time to begin with, get passed over so that lesser men could stay.   Totally unprofessional and provided me with evidence that it was nothing more than a social club.  

Gordon Bennett!..........people will think I've gone soft!........OI STABS!!   Come on then.....I'll have you! ;D  


Book Reviewer
well, here's me agreeing with M_S again.  My last Unit was culled under SDR (strangely enough, lots more money going into TA Inf now.  Wonder why?) and indeed it was certainly not the best perople left in, or even offered jobs in the new, slimmer version.

Back to ex-Regs, the 18 month cut off is a crippler, but can be got around with enough pushing.  TA COs are pretty damned powerful, certainly compared to Regs, as regards who they employ, promote, etc.  It's largely up to them, I'm glad to say.  

Further as regards ex-regs, after years in the Inf, and some time in a 'professional' Corps, it is pretty plain that it is easier to join ex-Reg to a 'Trade', rather than a 'front-line' job like Inf.  Skill faade is less, and you are far more likely to have an ex-Reg fitter working on vehicles than an ex-Reg sniper shooting people.  

I hope.


One of our guys was TA, joined the regs and then left. In the regs he got to rank of Cpl. He's been out about 3 - 4 years and has now decided to come back to the TA.

He has had to re-do the 6 modules, but has not been treated like a muppet, but given responsibility of other recruits during training.

He now doesn't have to do the two week CIC and can re-join the company.

He has to come in as Fus, but it is expected that he should quickly rise to the rank of Cpl again.
I did it, it was a bit of a culture shock but its well worth it, it got me out of a lot of holes i.e. short terms of unemployment, specially having a trade I could go in and assist in vech maint etc. Good for the unit good for me!

The financial side is good, you go straight on to the top band bounty £1290(approx) tax free for completing the training year, and what ever days you do you get paid for, depending on your rank and days that could mean up to an extra £400pm. That’s approximately the average mortgage payment!!

I've been more places with the TA than I ever did with the regs, opportunities to go skiing, adv trg exist, not as much as there used to be but still a bonus.

And at the end of the day you have a go and don't think its for you stick your kit in a bin liner and throw it over the gate with a covering letter and nothing more will be said!!

What you got to lose??
I tried to do the same with my kit when I was a young squaddie..........it went straight over the fence........and when they caught me I went straight behind a cell door..........for a month!   Ah, the good old days! ;)

Mr Happy

We had a civvie join at 45 years of age.  Friend of the RSM and a VM, passed recruits course (attendance only I recall) and straight into coveralls.  

Most DS unhappy he joined course but a damned fine VM and damned good chap.  On the recruits course he fixed DS wagons all the time as our only REME support!  That soon shut bitching DS up.

He still can't run a BFT - his Rothmans are too difficult to light.

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