Ex regs and the TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by wayne1972, Dec 9, 2005.

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  1. Having posted a thread recently regarding the vrsm medal some cretinous individual asked why i as an ex reg would want a "stab" medal ( his words not mine!) and didnt i have any of my own ?

    Rather than rise to his baiting i would like opinions on ex regs and the ta. im sure every unit has one or two!. Being ex reg myself i found it a refreshing change from "painting kerbstones" and would recommend it to anyone thinking of leaving the regs.
  2. P1ss on his leg whilst he sleeps. Solves all my problems. Including the urge for a p1ss!
  3. Ex reg now a stab. Loving every minute of it. I'd advise anyone getting out to consider it, let's face it... it's money for old rope and you go straight onto £1500 tax free bounty.
  4. dev'
    Have not recieved a bounty yet, in my first year, but being an Ex reg should i expect to go straight in to £1500 bounty????
  5. Only if you raise it before the end of the bounty year mate and get your pay clerk to work for a living

    I went down to year one bounty when I joined as I didnt know about the system
  6. Don't forget that you have a limited (3 yrs) out before you can claim bounty at full rate.
    Ex-reg to TA to MOB to NRPS!!!! Recommend it to anyone and you still get a good Mess Do too!!!!
  7. let's face it... it's money for old rope . and ohh yeah it is , our troop in germany is mainly ex regs , make´s training easy and less bull than the regs , yep no duty´s , wow
  8. I left the regs and joined the TA 10 years later and got the full bounty straight away! shhhh, an oversight methinks
  9. I didnt :x I was suprised how much I remembered after 10 years though!
  10. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Yep, join TA from Regs and you normally go straight onto full Bounty - it's the rules. Worked for me, and plenty of others I know.
  11. What use were SLR stoppage drills? lol
  12. I too am ex reg, does it matter how long you served for in regs? I done 7 years left in 2003 joined TA 2004. So i too can expect to claim £1500 bounty after completing necessary requirements?

  13. Hear Hear
  14. Ditto
  15. Ex reg, I never looked back, full bounty straight away, and since have done Mob and FTRS too. Did not manage to get this "stab" medal, but then it is a funny shape isn't it?