Ex reg wanting to join

Maybe some TA here can assist with this one. I was a regular soldier for 15 years and medically discharged last year, would there be a lot of red tape in stopping me in joining the TA? I was discharged after an RTA on Telic, ive been working fine since the NHS has sorted my back out. Plus i have gathered more skills (Telecoms/Data engineering/SDH etc) Any help and info greatly appreciated. Im 32 by the way.
Same advice as given to everyone. Head down to your TAC and find out. Asking a bunch of blokes on 'tinterweb won't give you many useful answers.

As a slight aside; you do know that the TA has the same health standards as the Regs?
Medical discharge might cause a drama espically if it entitles you to
pension but if you are fit cant see a problem see your local tac to be sure
though good luck .


Dont risk your pension if you have one!

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