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Ex reg waiting for Glasgow

I've been to the unit I hope to join with my docs, filled out the forms and need to get a selection day asap. A young lad who was there was told there was a slot on dec 10 but apparently because I used to be in the regulars it can take two months for Glasgow to sort my paperwork out. I'm wondering if anybody on here has been through this process recently and if there is a way of pushing it through.

I have to go through basic training from day one, week one, which is fair enough after ten years out. I could just do with getting into it sooner rather than later.

A mate of mine got out and joined the TA the same year so there wasnt a gap as such. However he suggested contacting the admin officer of the unit youre joining and ask them to push it through, according to him thats pretty much all you can do.
Ok thanks for the quick reply. I'll do that.

I was hoping someone at Glasgow could email my details through and it would be done. Oh well. If nothing else, at least I've got a bit of time to work on my fitness.


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