Ex reg trying for Promotion

Having done 12 years reg's I'd had enough and joined the TA. Great, setup, great laugh at the unit and equally impressed with the professionalism of the unit. I recently found out I had come off the SSgt's board but they are making me go on my SSgt's course when I was eligible for promotion when I was still serving. Virtually the whole Corps (Signals) if they were promoted after a certain date was given a waver for the CLM course.
Has anyone else had this problem and if so how was it rectified.
Answers on a postcard would be gratefully accepted!
Was in a similar situation, was told I had to do a Class 1 course in order to gain a RD slot. (was already Class 1 in another operator trade).

Believe units struggle with Glasgow being a bunch of jobsworths, i.e. your regular waiver doesn't count to them. It'd probably take months for your unit to prove that but in the mean time you could have completed your course.
Do the course; two weeks pay, team player blah-blah and meet all your contemporaries around the TA Corps...downsides? Not a lot...
True - it is two weeks pay etc... However, it's still another unneccessary 2 weeks off work. I'm fortunate enough that my company give me 2 weeks a year as it is. Trying to juggle doing bone courses that I don't really need to do which are then holding me back doing other useful courses that would be of benifit to the unit is of no comparrison. So in my eyes it is a waste of time for me and my unit - just need someone to grow a pair and make the correct decision! (First time for everything)


You could just dig in and tell them that you're not going. At the end of the day, they'll fill the slot with someone else.

JUst do it. Courses like this tend to be better than what you expected them to be.
I think it also depends on when you got out too. They also need to show an equivalance of training in order to give waivers, inciddently the CLM isn't in for the TA yet

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