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Ex reg to AR Officer

Greetings all,

Wondering if I can pick your brains...

Bit of background info, spent around 6 years in the regs (RE) left June 2012. Currently 28 years old and giving serious consideration to joining the reserves as an officer.

Questions -
I know I'm outside the 6 year rejoining period but are there any other benefits from being an ex reg? Will I have to go through basic again? I'm fairly sure I can do drill and handle a weapon safely still.
My phys is a bit lot off at the minute for various reasons, however I've read that there are quite dramatic time frames in the application process. Would anyone recommend applying now or soon and working on my phys whilst it's being processed?
Do I need to approach the unit I want to join prior to applying?
Does anyone know what the time frame would be to finish training not doing the 8 week zero to hero course?

Thanks in advance!
Medical is the hurdle. Apply now and start the phys. Timings are reducing, but it isn't as fast as it used to be.
Lots has changed in 6 years, best to be on receive and do the whole process, especially if going for a commission, -helps understand what others will have gone through/common ground etc

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